Traducción de townspeople en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtaʊnzˌpipəl//ˈtaʊnzpiːp(ə)l/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    (in particular place)
    the townspeople los vecinos (del lugar)
    • Many doubted that we would ever see the day, but it has now come and the town and townspeople will be all the better for it.
    • Former neighbours and townsfolk also came back for the sad occasion in the Community to lay him to rest.
    • This is embarrassing for New Labour, still seen as an urban movement governing for city and townsfolk.
    • Post boxes have been placed in shops throughout the town for townsfolk to let everyone know what they were up to when peace was declared.
    • Now the civic society is asking for the help of townspeople as part of its campaign.
    • Organised and run entirely by local artists and townspeople, the Arts Week started six years ago with a single event.
    • When we arrived, the townspeople all settled on the grass and Al and I stood in front of them.
    • It was being used as a chapel dedicated to St Mary when in 1920 local townsfolk decided to dynamite what was left to reuse the stone.
    • However, their arrival is met with a series of odd behaviors from the local townsfolk.
    • Down the road a ways, the salesman sets up shop to peddle his wares to some local townsfolk.
    • The old Master of the town tried to steal treasure from all of the townspeople.
    • There they are in not so resplendent a presence, reducing the town and townspeople to a laughing stock.
    • The towns and townspeople depended on the tribute for their sustenance.
    • As a local man, the townspeople must congratulate him for bringing credit onto the locality.
    • Traders, tourists and townsfolk packed into Skipton to enjoy the town's tenth Medieval Festival.
    • After several of the local townsfolk turn up dead, all eyes fall upon this disturbed and destructive kid.
    • Like Kim, who runs a tailor shop near the base, many townspeople earn their living catering to the soldiers.
    • If he makes a mess of it, well that'll teach the townsfolk to take their local politics a little more seriously.
    • There was some excitement at first when both townspeople and country folk had difficulty negotiating sales.
    • The butcher was fed up with the young girl's attempts at bartering with the local townsfolk.
  • 2

    (urban dwellers)
    gente de (la) ciudad femenino