Traducción de toxin en Español:


toxina, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɑksən//ˈtɒksɪn/


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    toxina femenino
    • One way the body can eliminate toxins is via the skin through sweating.
    • Water is also essential to good health, feeling vital and to flush toxins from the body.
    • If animals containing these toxins are eaten by humans, the result may be illness or even death.
    • I thought it might have just exploded and poisoned my poor body with it's toxins.
    • An infusion of the root, leaves and flowers encourages the elimination of toxins from the body.
    • Some types of bacteria release poisons called toxins while they are multiplying in food.
    • Poison dart frogs produce toxins that can kill 150 adult humans and are used by tribal people to catch food.
    • This is a powerful detoxifier which helps the body get rid of toxins and restores and protects the liver.
    • For carcinogens and most reproductive toxins, however, regulators assume no threshold.
    • Any water that is left over leaves the body with the toxins, through sweat and urine.
    • It is common to find traces of toxins in plants and foods that are healing and nutritious.
    • This may be a bacterial infection or following the ingestion of plant or chemical toxins.
    • It protects the body tissues from toxins from the atmosphere, food and other sources.
    • Detox diets are quite popular now, where you virtually fast for a week to get rid of all the toxins in your body.
    • In any of these diets increasing water intake is essential to help flush toxins out the body.
    • The caterpillars harness the plant toxins and use them as a natural defence against predation.
    • The liver is often the first organ to indicate reactions to herbal remedies as this is the part of the body where toxins collect.
    • She informed me that she didn't mean for the whole four weeks, just for a few days to free my body of all the toxins.
    • Doctors later realised Liam's appendix had burst, releasing dangerous toxins into his body.
    • Sweet juicy fruits are excellent cleansers - they help flush toxins out of the body.