Traducción de trad en Español:


tradicional, adj.

Pronunciación /trad//træd/



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    trad jazz jazz tradicional masculino
    • As individuals they have been playing music in various settings for years and so, given the nature of trad music and ballads, obviously don't require very much by way of formal rehearsals.
    • To force myself to continue, I needed inspiration and turned to trad jazz, then having a popular upsurge, where the trumpet was a lead instrument.
    • They meet up in Torino without much of a plan and immerse themselves in the studio with trad rock instruments plus a bunch of theremins and glockenspiels.
    • The 13th edition of this trad music festival presents a ‘Harmonica Summit’ this year, featuring virtuosos on the tin sandwich from all over.
    • Both bands offered enigmatic singles and an epochal debut followed by an almost trad sophomore classic and a schizo follow-up.
    • Entering a national contest to find the next Billie Holiday, she came second, but there was little work, other than singing for beer money with trad bands.
    • He was keen on the theatre, classical music, and trad jazz, but, apart from his delightful family, his greatest love was his work.
    • There will be everything from karaoke sessions to trad music to a storming rock band from Donegal.
    • We also look back at a riot between trad jazz fans and their modernist rivals at a festival in 1960, and travel to Mali in pursuit of the country's hunter-musicians.
    • The arts, from trad jazz to modern dance, take many forms.
    • As I see it, in Occitan trad music we can catch fleeting glimpses of extreme melodies, and the power of song demonstrated in this music carries a far greater weight than in other musics.
    • If that's not your thing, there's country music, trad sessions, acoustic open mic and many other events over the weekend.
    • There are still some of the old tried-and-true trad bands.
    • American rock and soul music and its instrumentation and stylistic tenets found purchase in trad Cambodian music in the wake of the Vietnam War.
    • ‘It was always a dream of ours to have some place in Sligo that was dedicated to music and particularly trad music,’ says Cathy.
    • I was a huge Simple Minds fan as a teenager - I loved their trad rock years at first.
    • Beards belong in trad jazz bands, real ale pubs and anywhere with anoraks.
    • The music has a punk derived bass sound and extra sax part in addition to the trad band set up.
    • Though his mix of hip-hop, trad jazz, and club techno sounds intriguing on paper, he rarely manages to come up with anything compelling out of the mix.
    • Traditional jazz, or trad jazz, was the pop music of the day and any kind of delinquent behaviour was usually reported as the work of ‘jazz fans’.