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Pronunciación /ˈtreɪdˌweɪtəd//ˈtreɪdˌweɪtɪd/



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    trade-weighted index índice ponderado según la balanza comercial masculino
    • The comments engendered the first significant dent in the dollar's hitherto formidable momentum, as its trade-weighted index had climbed steadily to a 16-year high by early July.
    • Its trade-weighted value has fallen 3.7% since early July, and a further decline from its exceptionally high level is likely.
    • That was its estimate when the exchange rate was at 57 on the trade-weighted index.
    • A trade-weighted index is created by applying weights to the movement of relative money values based on the amount of trade between the countries.
    • Moreover, the trade-weighted dollar is now higher than it was at the start of the year.
    • After the financial crisis, the trade-weighted exchange rate was allowed to fluctuate within a wide range.
    • In addition, the 9% depreciation in the trade-weighted dollar since February is tantamount to an easing in monetary policy.
    • We are unaware of any trade-weighted distance-to-market measures and do not wish to create such a measure at this time.
    • Against a Federal Reserve trade-weighted index of the currencies of major trading partners, adjusted for inflation, it has fallen 24% from its most recent peak three years ago.
    • He contemptuously dismissed any suggestion to the effect that the dollar was overvalued, or that its climb to record highs on a trade-weighted basis was becoming a source of economic instability.
    • A significant depreciation of the dollar - at least another 15-20% on a trade-weighted basis, in my view - would go along way in cracking the mold of US-centric global growth.
    • Since February, the trade-weighted dollar has declined about 10%.
    • So far this year, the dollar has risen about 3.5% on a trade-weighted basis.
    • The report notes that the global trade-weighted average tariff for all types of rice is 43 percent but reaches 217 percent for Japonica rice.
    • The government could also link the yuan to a trade-weighted basket of currencies rather than the U.S. dollar.
    • And the dollar is still off by only 15% from its peak three years ago, according to the Federal Reserve's trade-weighted, inflation-adjusted index.
    • He said imports had grown seven percent in trade-weighted rand terms.