Traducción de trade price en Español:

trade price

precio al por mayor, n.


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    precio al por mayor masculino
    • Needless to say the trade price came as something of a shock, with one retailer telling us that there was ‘no way’ they would be able to sell the console at £129.
    • The firm sells hand tools and power tools at trade prices, offering next day delivery at wholesale prices.
    • World trade prices have been declining since 1995 and have kept inflation low across the globe.
    • My boss let me buy them at trade price, which he bought them at.
    • Noticeably larger effects are only likely to be elicited under implausibly high values of the short-run trade price elasticity.
    • Six major wine distributors have agreed to reduce their trade price across a range of wines to allow the restaurants and hotels in the scheme to pass the saving directly to the customer.
    • I'll have to go to the wholesalers and get the trade prices.
    • Our nervous mole (a reseller) has unfortunately blanked out the trade price, and it could be a goof, but we think not.
    • Is this because at trade prices, a year's supply only costs £3.72?
    • In some trade exchanges, after a few minutes have passed a particular trade price will have no business value.
    • Winner-take-all markets pay $1 for the winning outcome and nothing to losers so the trade price in pennies represents the percent chance the proposition will be true.