Traducción de trading floor en Español:

trading floor

parqué, n.


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    parqué masculino
    • But they haven't even made it yet to their desks on the rowdy trading floors of investment banks in the City of London.
    • The first computerized order-routing system became operational in 1976, connecting brokers across the USA instantly to the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
    • But very similar to conditions on the NYSE trading floor, life went on.
    • The NYSE and AMEX are both primarily auction based, which means specialists are physically present on the exchanges' trading floors.
    • It had a ‘room’ measuring 206 ft by 96 ft, with a massive dome 125 ft above the centre, what was to become the trading floor of the exchange.
    • What could have more tumult than the trading floor of a stock exchange, for example?
    • That's not too surprising given the time of year, with trading floors pretty sparsely populated
    • The market's inability to detect this pattern means that big money is left on Wall Street trading floors.
    • These latest quotes were delivered by messengers, or ‘pad shovers’, who ran a circuit between the trading floor and brokers' offices.
    • On the NYSE, all trades occur in a physical place, on the trading floor of the NYSE.
    • There is, for example, the fate of the trading floor - long defended by the exchange as the best way to set prices but lambasted by critics as an outmoded system that hurts investors.
    • All right, our ‘Stock of the Week’ hasn't even hit the trading floor yet but how often does a company with a product that millions rely on go public every day?
    • The NYSE announced today it will allow more electronic order processing, and that will take more trades out of the hands of the middlemen on the trading floor.
    • Some of these exchanges have trading floors; others are screen-based.
    • But you know, I think it doesn't matter whether you're in a news room as David is here at the exchange or on the trading floor.
    • Traditionally, they had to maintain large staffs on trading floors - an expensive proposition.
    • Even before the paycheck bombshell, institutional investors were going public with long-festering complaints about improper practices on the NYSE trading floor.
    • It will be noisier than the trading floor of a Wall Street stock exchange.
    • When I was 12 years old, I was arrested on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
    • Given the locker-room, alpha-male atmosphere of the trading floor, it's no surprise that finance-industry types are drawn to boxing.