Traducción de traditional en Español:


tradicional, adj.

Pronunciación /trəˈdɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l//trəˈdɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    • Vision and hearing are the aesthetic senses proper, according to traditional theory.
    • Will the campaign then seek to campaign on, say, abortion, divorce, capital punishment, and other traditional family values?
    • There are also schools, a traditional market and a fish market nearby.
    • Swinging on the cot the womenfolk and children used to sing traditional folk songs and enjoy the rides.
    • They want to rediscover traditional pleasures such as fish and chips, Scrabble and bracing walks in the fresh - and chilly - air.
    • As the other guys sat back with their beers whilst I had that traditional English drink.
    • But that doesn't mean existing and traditional programming should be disregarded.
    • The Gurkha emphasis on traditional British military values is legendary.
    • Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, they discover that the existing, traditional way is the best.
    • Some of these men are looking for wives with traditional values, and some of these women are looking for husbands with economic security.
    • I'm beginning to feel sorry for the poor sincere red state schmucks who believe in all this traditional values stuff.
    • Steeped in the traditional values and rural culture of the West of Ireland, they were happy and content away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
    • The Spanish Pyrenees with their imposing peaks and delightful valleys are rich in traditional values and folklore.
    • One of the real ‘old stock’, she was devoted to her faith and traditional ways and values.
    • The long-established, traditional view is that they are distinct.
    • In the African traditional context, children belonged to the whole society.
    • It is more contemporary now, but they began with their existing traditional service.
    • His Welsh genes allow him to have a totally different view on life although he hasn't lost any of the traditional Welsh values, including a fondness for sheep.
    • Always commanding only a tiny military force of Europeans, he depended on negotiations with and use of existing traditional power structures.
    • The Easter Bunny was let out for a seasonal hop as traditional values continue to decline under this most materialistic of governments.
    • In this context, religion belongs to traditional society, and so the term new religion can be perceived as a contradiction in terms.
    • The new service would not replace the more traditional existing service which would continue to be held on Sundays, he stressed.