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traffic calming


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    traffic calming measures medidas para reducir la velocidad del tráfico femenino
    • Residents are campaigning for traffic calming measures on a road where a four-year-old boy was killed.
    • He called for the dangerous stretch of road to become a slow speed zone or for traffic calming measures to be introduced there.
    • Hull Road desperately needs speed cameras or some other traffic calming measure and has done for some time.
    • We were appalled to read in your newspaper that there is a scheme afoot to install so-called traffic calming measures in this road.
    • One or two things could be better but, on the whole, I'm happy to accept the tedium which traffic calming measures bring.
    • There are very busy roads through these towns and it is essential that there be proper traffic calming measures put in place.
    • To give a second example, it could stop the spread of road humps and other so-called traffic calming measures.
    • It calls for traffic calming measures to be introduced to slow down speeding drivers on the Skipton estate.
    • Views on traffic calming measures for a busy area in Swindon are being sought.
    • Residents are protesting against council plans to install traffic calming measures on their doorsteps.
    • She said they were now looking at possibly installing CCTV, improved lighting and traffic calming measures.
    • Illuminated signs and traffic calming measures have been used effectively in other areas of the country for many years.
    • The chairperson also told the meeting that traffic calming measures were to be introduced in College Park.
    • In the meantime, he is confident, temporary traffic calming measures will be in place within the next few weeks.
    • I am writing to you about the draconian road traffic calming measures currently being installed in Woodmansterne Road.
    • There will also be an update from highways on proposed traffic calming measures and highways improvements in the area.
    • Objectors to traffic calming measures at Burley Woodhead have been slammed by councillors who say the scheme is a vital for safety.
    • Members heard there was not enough money in the budget to provide a zebra crossing, traffic calming and speed limits.
    • A stark choice remained - no speed limit or traffic calming to reduce the speeds.
    • He promises traffic calming to make the area more welcoming for families.