Traducción de trailer en español:


remolque, n.

Pronunciación: /ˈtreɪlər//ˈtreɪlə/


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    • 1.1(for boats, equipment)

      remolque masculino
      • The Land Rover was hauling a trailer with a car on it.
      • For this trip I planned to put our luggage in a small trailer and leave the backseat open so Ray could stretch out during the long driving days.
      • The marina is so large that several golf carts with trailers are driven around all day to move people and gear to and from the parking lot.
      • Two large tractor units pulling trailers are understood to have collided on flat, open sands, four miles off the coast with no other vehicles in the immediate area.
      • Besides more room to load, still being a farmer at heart I like to have trailers usable for many purposes, like hauling hay and helping the kids move out.
      • Modes of transport included donkey and cart, car and trailer and even the humble wheel-barrow.
      • An electric golf cart with both passenger and flatbed trailers waited on the cul-de-sac.
      • These days, trailers had open tops, passengers got on and off sidelong, and the conductor moved around on a special step.
      • The farmers in vehicles towing trailers will hold a silent protest starting at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, at midday on August 2.
      • The resort guests seated themselves in the passenger trailer immediately behind the cart.
      • A big bonfire and torchlight lit the night sky as the team made their way on to the open trailer.
      • When sawn, the lumber can be loaded onto the trailer and hauled anywhere you like.
      • ‘The owner had parked her vehicle with the trailer on the back and was unloading hay to feed her horses in a nearby field,’ he said.
      • Fans stood on the hillside charting the races in the fields below through binoculars, while stewards watched from a farm trailer.
      • In the early days farmers would bring their churn of milk to the Creamery by what ever means was available to them, horse and cart, donkey and cart or tractor and trailer.
      • The fire started in a manure heap on their farm, engulfed a trailer and looked set to spread along the stable block.

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      caravana femenino
      rulot femenino España
      casa rodante femenino Cono Sur Venezuela
      tráiler masculino América Latina
      cámper femenino Chile México
      • Put some travel trailers or mobile homes in some train yards and arrange for food and other needed goods to be brought to the communities of train workers.
      • My neighbors on the land live in straw-bale homes, tents, trailers, camper vans and handcrafted woodframe houses.
      • Some policies do not cover trailers and caravans.
      • In addition to the cash assistance, we set up over 43,000 mobile homes and travel trailers.
      • In California, huge mudslides destroyed seven trailers in a mobile home park.

    • 1.3(on truck)

      tráiler masculino
      remolque masculino
      acoplado masculino Cono Sur
      • Griffith punched in the codes and the back door of the trailer opened.
      • The three who died were sitting at the back, and took the full impact when part of the lorry trailer became embedded in the coach.
      • The nearside trailer wheels of the articulated lorry lifted six inches from the road surface and the load leaned to the offside and into the next carriageway.
      • The gang broke the padlock to a trailer attached to a lorry and removed four boxes of cigarettes and tobacco worth approximately £10,000.
      • Police have now found all the lorries and trailers, but all the chocolate, wine and beer is missing.
      • According to a police spokesman, the driver lost control of the vehicle after his tar-laden trailer began fishtailing.
      • The whole purpose of the loading and unloading mechanism fitted to the vehicle was that only the push of a button was required to move the containers in and out of the trailer of the vehicle.
      • Then France, driving an articulated lorry and trailer, ploughed into the rear of the van, then collided with the parked Range Rover.
      • Under this suspension, the Spanish Royal Guard is now authorized to enter and search the trailers and vehicles of any citizen.
      • The lorry's trailer was badly damaged in the incident but the driver is not believed to have been hurt.
      • Lorries and unaccompanied trailers were prevented from being loaded onto ferries, but passengers were allowed to board.
      • In fact the main thrust of the argument centred around the lorry trailer and those caravans on the site in use for agricultural purposes.
      • Tow hitches come in varying classes to match the weight capacities of the vehicle and the gross trailer weight, known as the GTW.
      • The top end of the lorry's trailer was left hanging over the back of the car, which had to be cut out by firemen.
      • Motorists are being enlisted to help fight a ‘rash’ of adverts appearing on lorry trailers parked in fields across the English countryside.
      • Another dangerous situation to be avoided at all cost is to find yourself in the nearside lane being very slowly overtaken by a lorry and trailer that is moving across your path!
      • The haulage depot's planning permission allowed a maximum of 14 heavy goods vehicles and 12 trailers.
      • It has a fleet of over 400 heavy goods vehicle, 900 trailers and 200 vans.
      • Police are believed to have recovered one lorry trailer which had been abandoned by the gang early on Monday.
      • The ferry companies have begun using special carbon-dioxide detectors to test for exhaled breath in lorry trailers.

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    Televisión Cine
    (masculine plural) avance(s)
    tráiler masculino España
    sinopsis femenino Cono Sur
    tráiler de algo masculino España
    sinopsis de algo femenino Cono Sur
    trailer for sth (masculine plural) avance(s) de algo
    • Aside from the trailers and featurette, disc two is devoted to storyboards.
    • We're offered five trailers and a seven-minute featurette, and nothing more.
    • There is a very complete biography of Alec Guinness and the theatrical trailer for the film.
    • Each disc contains radio broadcasts, a trailer, and a short photo gallery.
    • For those who haven't seen the movie trailers, go straight to the cinema.
    • The film's original theatrical trailer is also included.
    • Users can also watch movie trailers and order tickets for cinemas.
    • Extras are slim, with only a trailer and an eight-minute featurette on the making of the film.
    • Spoilers are everywhere - in publicity articles, in trailers, and in movie reviews.
    • The DVD doesn't cost much, and if you like trailers you're in heaven here.
    • Both the featurette and the film's widescreen theatrical trailer appear on the pan-and-scan side of the platter.
    • Both sides had the same special feature: original trailers for the film.
    • Also included on this disc is an anamorphic theatrical trailer for the film.
    • Top it all off with a commercial for the Broadway soundtrack and a series of studio trailers, and you have one fine presentation.
    • I saw the teaser trailer when it first came out.
    • One trailer available on the original release of the film is not included here, but to no great loss.
    • This site contains theatrical trailers for feature films.
    • You'll also find an original trailer for this film as well as trailers for the two sequels.
    • Extras include a treasure trove of promotional spots and trailers from both the series and the feature film.