Traducción de trailer park en Español:

trailer park

camping para caravanas, n.



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    camping para caravanas masculino
    • I should be all over this thing like a tornado on a trailer park.
    • The residents of the trailer park are generally, almost overwhelmingly, supportive of the show.
    • Okay, maybe not a trailer park, but someone who could live in a trailer park and wouldn't be out of place.
    • It is better suited for use in a trailer park than in an apartment in the East Village.
    • My brother and I grew up in a trailer park with a single, abusive, alcoholic mother who, more times than not, was passed out on the couch.
    • Don't lend to a passive holder of real estate, except if it's a hotel, motel, trailer park, or residential care facility.
    • He lives with his mum and baby sister Lily in a trailer park, and works in a low-paying factory job.
    • It has golden hills and oak trees and a fine long seacoast, and I will live here as long as I can afford to, even if it means spending my old age in a trailer park.
    • When I buried Henry in the woods near the trailer park, I felt very sad and the thought that no one would ever know him as we did didn't help ease the pain.
    • He was reportedly estranged from his wife, and lived with his mother and brother in a trailer park in nearby Holts Summit.
    • In northern Massachusetts, the swollen Green River destroyed a trailer park, leaving many people homeless.
    • The six training missions take place in a variety of locales including a hospital, a trailer park and a junkyard.
    • She said she was present at the trailer park where her brother-in-law Frankie lived but that was it.
    • He told this one neighbor in the trailer park next to his that he thought the girl was very beautiful.
    • However, you can rent a shop in the trailer park for much less money.
    • Were it not for the money, they would be living in a trailer park, we think.
    • The trailer park was located smack in the middle of an industrial park in Canoga Park.
    • It's sort of a cross between a library, perhaps, and a trailer park.
    • It might be better to be a friend who can show her another way of life, than a second mother who's going to solve all of her problems by whisking her out of the trailer park.
    • I grew up in a trailer park and no one played there either.
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    (friend) chabacano
    (friend) hortera España coloquial
    (friend) naco México coloquial
    (friend) rasca Cono Sur coloquial
    (manners) de chabacano
    (manners) de hortera España coloquial
    (manners) de naco México coloquial
    (manners) de rasca Cono Sur coloquial
    (hair style) de mal gusto
    (hair style) hortera España coloquial
    (hair style) de naco México coloquial
    (hair style) rasca Cono Sur coloquial
    • With Nadia at his side, the low-rent pair epitomize trailer-park chic.
    • ‘The trailer-park trend,’ as its barely less inflammatory incarnation has been dubbed, is manifested in this ready to-wear collection, featuring much fishnet-based flesh-and-flash.
    • The Queen of the Night and her entourage, for example, are ‘goth’, and Papagena's costumes are contemporary trailer-park chic.
    • The protagonist of this charming feature debut is a spirited single mother with a string of divorces behind her and a taste for trailer-park chic.
    • Tears welled and, suddenly, this mostly reasonable woman was going on about trailer-park people, white trash, grifters, whores, and you don't want to know what else.
    • Now she's just the trailer-park trash they said she was.
    • Once considered the answer to America's affordable-housing void, the mobile home just can't escape its low-class, trailer-park stigma.
    • We know you've heard of peroxide 'cos we can see your trailer-park roots.