Traducción de trampoline en Español:


trampolín, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrampəliːn//ˈtræmpəˌlin/


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    trampolín masculino
    cama elástica femenino
    trampolín masculino
    catre elástico masculino México
    • In previous incidents trampolines have been vandalised and on one occasion a knife was left in the playground.
    • I felt like if he snapped his fingers, I would turn some wicked somersaults, spring off a trampoline, and dive into a routine directly from the page of a gymnastics handbook.
    • Experience in gymnastics or on a trampoline helps a lot, as it teaches control and manipulation of one's body as it moves unpredictably through space.
    • Gone will be the trampolines, table tennis tables and badminton nets that occupy the main auditorium on weekday nights when there is no concert.
    • The two plates in this system work like a trampoline, flexing on impact, then springing back.
    • She is hoping for a CD player and a trampoline because she attends gymnastics in Portlaoise.
    • Both guys were jumping on the regular bed, which evidently belonged to Todd, because they had already put their sheets on the two bunks and their new trampoline had no sheets at all.
    • But the highlight for my children was probably the three trampolines, equipped with safety nets to stop them falling off.
    • And the community child federation has asked all parents to stop hogging up playtime on the various trampolines throughout the area.
    • The trampoline area is also good with the bigger kids.
    • Surely he should have been safely caught in the trampoline like net and bounced to safety?
    • At home he exercised on a trampoline and chinning bar and did roadwork like a prizefighter.
    • Basketball hoops were on either side of the rectangular room and a gymnastic trampoline stood in the far left corner of the room.
    • In their most relaxed mode, the performers bounce from trampolines to execute gymnasts' feats aloft, intermittently seizing monkey-bar poles overhead and holding hands in space.
    • They headed down through his back yard, pausing momentarily for Matt to show off yet again, by doing a back flip off the trampoline.
    • Hazel, whose diary is fully booked, takes clients for walks and bike rides and takes trampolines and skipping ropes to their houses for toning exercises.
    • Starting out, I spent a lot of time on the trampoline getting comfortable landing on my back.
    • And an award-winning troupe of 11 gymnasts perform simultaneously on trampolines.
    • The trampoline and safety nets were valued at more than £400 and would have taken thieves some time to dismantle.
    • The World Cup is not a mattress to lie back on, it is a trampoline from which to spring to a new era.