Traducción de tranche en Español:


tramo, n.

Pronunciación /trɑːnʃ//træn(t)ʃ/



  • 1

    (of debt) tramo masculino
    (of debt) porción femenino
    (of shares) bloque masculino
    (of shares) paquete masculino
    • It is not clear what he wants to do with the latest tranche of money he is raising, although observers suggest that he will not be taking all the sale proceeds out of Russia.
    • The junior convertible preferred shares were split into two tranches.
    • It will set aside equal shares for two tranches if the retail portion is more than 100 times oversubscribed.
    • After that, money is released in tranches, after various key stages are completed and valued for the purpose of releasing the advance.
    • The plan envisaged that the number of shares they held would be increased in tranches over several years.
    • He stands accused of splitting unionism, losing massive tranches of support and endangering the party in the face of next year's local government elections.
    • A number of directors have purchased tranches of the shares to maintain their proportionate interests in the enlarged share capital.
    • The various tranches of the loan, totalling €2.4 billion, are being made available for periods of between five and eight years.
    • The distribution of the first tranche is now set to take place on 12 September.
    • The Revenue will be sending two more large tranches of letters this year, so, based on earlier figures, there are, at least, tens of thousands of bogus account holders.
    • The sum was paid in two tranches - £100,000 and £50,000.
    • According to local media reports, the state social security fund subscribed to a large tranche of shares.
    • It is believed the retail portion of the notes will be divided into three-, five- and seven-year tranches while the institutional portion will have a maturity up to 15 years.
    • It is believed that deals have been signed on half the tranche of property currently being sold off.
    • This can be broken down into various tranches; property loans, invoice discounting, asset finance and working capital.
    • We will negotiate as we go along in terms of drawing down tranches of the money.
    • The results will come in three tranches: the east coast and the most of the Great Lakes region; the mid-west and the plain states; and the Pacific west coast.
    • The organisations pay out a big tranche of money getting hundreds of people off their payroll on enhanced retirement terms and three months later, guess what?
    • Because the securities are subdivided into tranches, priced according to their riskiness, potential investors have a wide range of yields to choose from.
    • We had planned to spend the Bank Holiday weekend in Italy paying the next tranche of money and finalising the layout of sanitary ware in the bath room.