Traducción de transform en Español:


transformar, v.

Pronunciación /tranzˈfɔːm//trɑːnzˈfɔːm//trɑːnsˈfɔːm//transˈfɔːm//træn(t)sˈfɔrm/

verbo transitivo

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    (person/place) transformar
    when she dyed her hair she was completely transformed cuando se tiñó el pelo parecía otra
    • their lives were transformed by the inheritance la herencia les cambió totalmente la vida
    • Gradually this captivating dancer transformed into multiple savage creatures.
    • This passage explicitly thematizes the way human temporality is experienced as some form of spatial movement - how space transforms into time.
    • Somehow she transforms into a siren who transfixes the beasts, literally in the middle of a brawl.
    • It concludes with how the tenants react to the accident, and how their noise transforms into music.
    • The short film focuses on a businessman who transforms into a drag queen at night.
    • The objects have been carefully arranged, lovingly transformed into what he calls reality art.
    • And then, as I get older, it transforms into something else.
    • Hence, a trip to the cinema transforms into a full-day activity for the family.
    • Staff say the scheme is already proving a success with one troubled child now transformed into a model pupil who has won school awards.
    • She adjusts her breasts and runs her hand over her hair, as she transforms into her character.
    • The Witch is pulled out of the oven, transformed into a big cake.
    • It was a coming of age, a place where boys transformed into men.
    • Just immerse in the world of music, it transforms into a medicine for both physical and mental ailments.
    • A street protest in Washington D.C. transforms into a no-gluten, soy-cheese, all veggie pizza party.
    • The neglected garden in the back yard was, in a moment, transformed into a junkyard of shattered masonry.
    • In that single moment Susan transformed into a professional gearing up to draw and hold the attention of thousands of viewers.
    • It ought to be a little bit gratifying: Boring, beige-wearing mom transforms into wild rock chick - that's good stuff right there.
    • At the end of that movie we find him transformed into adult, at last ready to try to make a difference.
    • The threats of the past have transformed into agreements of economic, cultural and scientific cooperation.
    • Then, personal passion or stress is purified and transformed into unselfish compassion.
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    (current) transformar
    • Those receive their 11,000 volt current underground and then transform it to a voltage suitable for the domestic consumers in just one or two roads or streets.
    • There the signal is passed through the skin to the implant, which transforms the signal to electrical pulses.
    • The wind plant captures and transforms wind energy into direct current electricity.
    • A ½ x ½ inch ceramic battery can transform body heat into electrical power.
    • I used a power stepper to transform the frequency and also to down the voltage from 240v to 110v.
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    sustituir las incógnitas (de una ecuación) por sus valores expresados en forma algebraica
    • He used them to transform Laplace's equation into ellipsoidal coordinates and so separate the variables and solve the resulting equation.
    • Variables were transformed with natural logarithms or square roots to normalize residuals.
    • All variables used in this study were transformed to natural logarithms before the correlation analyses were performed.
    • Percentage of emergence was transformed to arcsin square root.
    • He replaced the differential operator d/dx by a variable p transforming a differential equation into an algebraic equation.

verbo intransitivo

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    to transform into sth transformarse / convertirse en algo


Lingüística Matemáticas

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    transformación femenino
    • The transformation rules may comprise both causal hypotheses and modal transforms.
    • Bateman's method was the now familiar one of applying the complex inversion formula of the Laplace transform.
    • In the bottom portion of the figure, the logarithmic transform of power is presented.
    • A constant uncertainty on a linear scale transforms to a variable uncertainty on a log scale.
    • Similar questions are investigated for the sine transforms rather than the cosine transforms.
    • In 1935, the Laplace transform was a topic of frontline research, by 1955 it was standard fare in undergraduate courses.
    • Aleksandrov further developed the integral transform method and used asymptotic methods to solve the problem for a finite thickness layer.
    • The wavelet transform is designed to produce the best image possible given the bandwidth of the medium of transmission.
    • Some readers will of course scream that refactoring has a prescribed set of transforms, many of which are described in great detail in this book.