Traducción de transformer en Español:


transformador, n.

Pronunciación /trɑːnsˈfɔːmə//transˈfɔːmə//tranzˈfɔːmə//ˌtræn(t)sˈfɔrmər//tranzˈfɔːmə/


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    transformador masculino
    • All pots, transformers and circuit board edge connectors mount to an internal subframe assembly.
    • The transformer in the output stage simply increases the voltage by 10, thus producing approximately 90 volts AC.
    • The circuit keeps interrupting itself in this way, gradually boosting voltage through the transformer.
    • One solution is to contact the power utility company, get it to confirm the sag and retap the transformer to bring the voltage swing within an acceptable range.
    • Fire bells sounded in response to an explosion in a high voltage power transformer in the hospital basement.
    • It is used for making relays, transformers, solenoids, current transformers, safety plugs for gas applications.
    • One high voltage transformer that has something wrong with it.
    • A transformer boosted the tube voltage to about 50 000 V, and x-ray imaging was done by both fluoroscopy and photography.
    • He describes transformers as raising voltage ‘in something like the way that squeezing the end of a garden hose produces a more powerful jet of water’.
    • The stable oily liquid, which absorbs intense heat, was used as a coolant for electrical transformers and capacitors.
    • PCBs are colorless and odorless chemicals that were widely used in electrical equipment such as transformers and capacitors before 1977.
    • Remember, you can only plug mains voltage lighting into an external socket as low voltage lighting requires a transformer and currently most transformers are not suitable for outside use.
    • Alternating voltage fed into a transformer - which is not a new development - will boost it to any voltage you want, with no moving parts.
    • European machines, which operate on electrical standards different from those of U.S. machines, require transformers to step voltages up or down.
    • LED lights require a transformer to turn alternating current to direct current.
    • Stand at least two feet away from welding equipment, high-voltage transformers or motor-generator systems.
    • No or low output voltage means the transformer winding has open or shorted winding.
    • How do I check the output voltage of your electronic transformers?
    • Let's start with the heart of the circuit, the main transformer, the device that actually boosts the voltage.
    • Method and apparatus for a coherence transformer with limited memory for connecting computer system coherence domains