Traducción de transfusion en Español:


transfusión, n.

Pronunciación /ˌtransˈfjʊːʒ(ə)n//ˌtranzˈfjʊːʒ(ə)n//ˌtræn(t)sˈfjuʒən//ˌtrɑːnsˈfjʊːʒ(ə)n//ˌtrɑːnzˈfjʊːʒ(ə)n/


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    transfusión femenino
    she was given a transfusion le hicieron una transfusión (de sangre)
    • she brought a transfusion of vitality into his life inyectó vitalidad en su vida
    • In fact you may need a transfusion simply because you've donated so much blood!
    • She was treated with intravenous folinic acid and antibiotics and was given transfusions of blood products.
    • The patient subsequently received platelet and red blood cell transfusions.
    • Transfusions or exchange transfusions are also recommended for patients with severe hypoxia.
    • He was treated with blood and platelet transfusions and discharged eight days later with a modest improvement in peripheral blood count.
    • It is a frustrating and upsetting time with regular visits to the hospital for blood tests and transfusions.
    • Barbara remains in the hospital and needs blood donors for more transfusions.
    • The baby born from that pregnancy was immediately sent to a children's hospital for transfusions and treatment of a collapsed lung.
    • Whenever possible, transfusions of all blood products should be limited.
    • Blood for transfusions is stored in small plastic bags.
    • Curiously, family physicians were more likely than cardiologists to order transfusions.
    • She was treated with plasmapheresis and platelet transfusions.
    • Based on these findings, the use of autologous transfusions in orthopedic procedures is expected to increase.
    • The most pressing need, after the bleeding has been stopped, is for a transfusion to restore the circulating volume of the blood.
    • There was no difference in the distribution of blood between the major transfusion categories.
    • The availability of blood for operations and transfusions is an essential part of our health care system.
    • The test is affected by red blood cell transfusions and should not be performed within 6 weeks following a transfusion.
    • Before death, the organ donor received several transfusions of blood products.
    • He has to leave the clinic and go to the hospital to get a transfusion of blood platelets.
    • Your child may need blood and platelet transfusions frequently.