Traducción de transit camp en Español:

transit camp


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    campamento temporal para soldados, prisioneros, refugiados etc
    • They were then taken on to a transit camp at Sutton-on-Derwent.
    • By the end of 1942, she was traveling back and forth from Amsterdam to the transit camp at Westerbork.
    • Yes, but you must understand that Auschwitz was two things, a camp for extermination, and a transit camp from which people were sent to labour camps elsewhere.
    • Now the same people came back to force them out of the church to the transit camp.
    • This camp will be used as a transit camp for the north-west area.
    • Such was the tone of his speech, that the Jews waiting on the platform occasionally applauded him as they believed his story that they were only at a transit camp.
    • It was built as a transit camp to house Japanese nationals from the greater Los Angeles area.
    • Originally established as a transit camp, the settlement has taken on a more formal, and permanent, structure.
    • Under its new name, Atlantic Park, it became a transit camp for refugees, mainly Russian, who were anxious to sail to America.
    • In 1948 he came to England, to a transit camp at an airbase at Steeple Ashton.
    • During high-tides, the creek water seeps through the single layer brick walls of the houses in the transit camp, making life miserable.
    • The refugees were settled in transit camps in the border districts of northern Zambia awaiting transportation to the main refugee camps.
    • They proposed to the court that the area be used as a transit camp until alternative accommodation could be found.
    • No wonder that a college is seen as a transit camp to the work place instead of an incubator for the transformation of the individual.
    • He settled in Vienna in 1944, though the following year he was forced to flee to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where he was detained in a transit camp opposite Strauss's villa.
    • This is a transit camp, where people are temporarily accommodated before more permanent arrangements are made for them.
    • Already in July 1942, French police in the region took part in the arrest of hundreds of Jews, who were sent to the Drancy transit camp near Paris.