Traducción de transit visa en Español:

transit visa

visa de tránsito, n.


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    visa de tránsito femenino
    visado de tránsito masculino España
    • Fatima told me a transit visa shouldn't take too long.
    • The guard asked what I was doing in Berlin on a transit visa from Erfurt to Dresden.
    • Arriving in the little town of Portbou, the refugees discovered that the authorities had declared their Spanish transit visas invalid.
    • India and Afghanistan once had a common boundary - to cross-over one needed no transit visa.
    • The latter makes the transit period of its passengers more pleasurable by offering them a day's transit visa.
    • Visa and transit visa requirements are imposed immediately on any country which starts to generate refugees.
    • The authorities claimed that this was in response to intelligence that some nationals of these countries are using transit visas to flout current immigration controls.