Traducción de translate en Español:


traducir, v.

Pronunciación /trɑːnsˈleɪt//transˈleɪt//tranzˈleɪt//trænzˈleɪt//trænsˈleɪt//trɑːnzˈleɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (word/book/sentence) traducir
      this word could be translated as … esta palabra se podría traducir por …
      • to translate sth (from sth) into sth
      • translate the text from Spanish into French traduzca el texto del español al francés
      • Its big guffaw moments include an old lady macing a couple of cops and a sign language interpreter translating four-letter words.
      • On following the English text, I realised that the translator had translated word for word because she did not fully understand.
      • The Russian interpreter appeared to be having difficulty translating his master's words.
      • The famous statement attributed to Jesus about the foolishness of giving up one's ‘soul’ for the world translates the Greek word psyche.
      • I learned a great deal about the Polish language from translating this book, and that continues to serve me well.
      • It's a bit of a mug's game trying to translate the already translated words of a person back into the language originally used.
      • In my speech I translated the words as they were, very literally.
      • From what I can tell, somebody went through and very literally translated words from German to English for the North American release.
      • I put my ear to the door, expecting some foreign language from another planet, but to my surprise, my brain translated the words to me even though I had never heard them.
      • In this sense, representation is the contemporary term that translates the Greek word mimesis, used by Plato and Aristotle to describe the making of likenesses.
      • Then I carefully opened the first envelope and extracted a piece of crinkled loose-leaf notebook paper, and had to smile at it as I began translating the misspelled words and tiny scribbles.
      • The best thing about that text is that it translates the word ‘pop’ as ‘explosion sound.’
      • These juridical responsa are translated here for the first time into a European language, with introduction and annotation.
      • Sign language is visual, and isn't always translated word for word into English.
      • Where possible without contortion, I have used gender-free language in translating these terms.
      • The only tricky part to the whole thing was how to translate the words while trying to keep the same logical structure and writing style.
      • I always find myself translating the words in my head.
      • I could not help translating his words for my mother.
      • He muttered something in a language I recognized as Italian, but I could not translate the words.

    • 1.2(convert)

      to translate sth into sth
      • translated into centigrade this is 42 degrees (expresado) en grados centígrados son 42 grados
      • to translate ideas into action llevar ideas a la práctica
      • this will be translated into economies of several thousand dollars esto se traducirá en ahorros de varios miles de dólares
      • the director translates medieval France into 1920s Chicago el director traslada la francia medieval al Chicago de los años veinte
      • It is about translating their dreams into abilities.
      • But we haven't always been good at keeping our scientists here and translating their work into jobs and prosperity for Britain.
      • But translating ideals into tangible policies and alternatives have not been easy.
      • What dance intends to communicate seems impossible to translate into a casual conversation.
      • I enjoy the process of translating thoughts into visuals.
      • I wondered if it would be possible to translate those elements into a time-based medium such as video.
      • British designers often have trouble translating their originality into sales.
      • You try to think how much fabric you will need, translating shapes into metres, or in my case, yards which I then convert to metric.
      • You're highly proficient at translating words into numbers.
      • The second part happens in the artist's hands, as the idea is translated into a specific medium that other people can appreciate.
      • This sequence will have a real bearing on the tone of the rest of the season, and the importance of translating excuses into results cannot be overestimated.
      • Some powerful music corporations have tried to outlaw MP3, to block hardware that uses it, shut down websites that utilise it, and to legislate against translating other formats into it.
      • We have the following conversation which I shall translate into the dialect for verisimilitude.
      • But translating percentages into numbers for the purpose of evaluating their impact on politics makes the importance of these numbers real.
      • However, translating promises into actionable agenda will require a vision, a road map and lot of innovations.
      • It is to this important phase of translating concepts into measures that we now turn.
      • As the report states, ‘the difficulty we face is in translating our intentions into concrete action.’
      • Not only is he one of the best preachers in the world, he has the ability to translate his message into other mediums, including books, music, and drama.
      • With music, the song undergoes a recontextualization, remaining in the same medium, with the artists translating the material into a particular style.
      • After months of nitpicking of this kind some movement towards translating words into deeds has at last taken place.

  • 2

    • 2.1Informática

      (language/program) traducir

    • 2.2Matemáticas

      (coordinate/point) trasladar
      • The line may be also translated by dragging it anywhere away from the points.
      • To calculate shape coordinates, the 23 triangles were translated, rotated, and rescaled relative to the baseline.

  • 3

    • 3.1Religión

      (priest/bishop) trasladar
      • He was made bishop of Dunkeld in 1544 and three years later, after the murder of Cardinal Beaton, was translated to the archbishopric of St Andrews and primacy.

    • 3.2Religión

      (relics/saint) trasladar
      • Edward was buried without due honour at Wareham, though his body was later translated to Shaftesbury.
      • The relics and ex voto gifts accumulated since the ninth century when the relics were translated from the administrative town of Agen are now stored in a nearby building.
      • His relics were translated c. 849, to Dunkeld in Pictland, and to Kells.
      • Relics were increasingly translated, or transported into, churches from sites of martyrdom, and as the basis for Christian burial ad sanctos.

verbo intransitivo

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    (person) traducir
    (word) traducirse
    the word translates as 'love' in English esta palabra se traduce por 'love' en inglés
    • the poem doesn't translate well into French el poema pierde mucho al ser traducido al francés
    • From this he developed Ikenobo, the Japan's oldest school of Ikebana, literally translated as ‘The Way of the Flower’.
    • In fact, in Chinese they are jiashanshi, which literally translates as ‘fake mountain rocks.’
    • From the Latin word ‘paganus,’ pagan literally translates to country dweller.
    • Arohanui is a Maori greeting which literally translates as ‘big love’ or more broadly peace and love among all people.
    • William wrote, in Latin, Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate, which translates literally into English as ‘Plurality should not be posited without necessity’.
    • Worse still, the group's name translates literally as ‘the ball appreciation society’.
    • Literally translated from Scottish dialect, the words auld lang syne mean old long since, or, in more familiar terms, days gone by.
    • ‘Saltimbocca’ literally translates as ‘leap in the mouth’, which is what these morsels do.
    • It translates literally to ‘over here the good soup’, which I think is even funnier.
    • The process of cooking ‘sous-vide’ literally translates from French to mean ‘under vacuum.’
    • I wonder if the ‘no harm in asking’ expression translates?
    • It translates literally as Easterner, referring to their origins in Eastern Tibet.
    • She adds that this approach is what she believes translates across cultures and language.
    • Emotionally rather than literally, it translates as ‘Holy cow!’
    • Fond d' Or literally translates as ‘Valley of Gold’ but don't get any ideas about digging for gold, there is no known history of such metals to be found.
    • A classic example of a thirst-quenching summer beer is the German beer known as hefeweizen, which literally translates to ‘yeast wheat beer.’
    • But chocolate is manufactured from the cocoa plant Theobroma cacao, which literally translates as ‘food of the gods’.
    • For example, ‘Ibalan’ literally translates as ‘Try Hard’.
    • In addition, many idioms and expressions mean something very different when translated literally into another language.
    • While we agreed on the rest of the conversation, somehow sting ray did not translate literally between English and Spanish.
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    to translate into sth traducirse en algo
    • this translated into large fuel savings esto se tradujo en un gran ahorro de combustible