Traducción de transmission en Español:


transmisión, n.

Pronunciación /trɑːnzˈmɪʃ(ə)n//tranzˈmɪʃ(ə)n//trænzˈmɪʃən//transˈmɪʃ(ə)n//trænsˈmɪʃən//trɑːnsˈmɪʃ(ə)n/


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    transmisión femenino
    the transmission of light/sound/radio waves la transmisión de luz/sonido/ondas de radio
    • We also can anticipate a shift in strategies to prevent perinatal transmission in the United States.
    • Our company is currently undertaking some of transmission system upgrade work.
    • There are chapters on tools, materials, and even the latest in home data transmission lines.
    • So, the use of tools is an accumulation and transmission of social knowledge.
    • Limited human-to-human transmission of the virus is not considered a serious danger.
    • An example is an early experiment in Hawaii which found a cluster of childhood leukaemia near some radio transmission towers.
    • The primary route of transmission is dirty hands, clothing and equipment.
    • It's the first known case of rabies transmission through solid organ transplantation.
    • Health investigators have been concerned to identify quickly any possible cases of human-to-human transmission of the disease.
    • It is not the only drug that can be used to reduce mother-to-child HIV transmission.
    • Population models have been used to good effect in modeling cultural transmission processes.
    • I wondered too if we will ever find a way for a more efficient transmission of knowledge.
    • Thailand last week reported its first probable case of human-to-human transmission of the virus.
    • Teaching and learning isn't just a matter of skill acquisition or knowledge transmission.
    • Even the most simple information can be forgotten or distorted in the process of transmission.
    • The balloon rises 100 feet in the air, and you have an unlimited number of transmission towers.
    • Optical and transmission electron microscopy were performed on the samples.
    • The envelope contains whatever information is needed to accomplish transmission and delivery.
    • Good adherence to therapy, resulting in undetectable virus loads, will reduce virus transmission within the community.
    • Since the 17th century in Europe, text has been privileged over oral transmission of knowledge.
    • Spread of infectious disease in this manner is called droplet spread or droplet transmission.
    • How do you account for this increase in HIV transmission to women in this part of the world?
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    transmisión femenino
    emisión femenino
    • He'd send transmissions from public areas, and yet somehow manage to remain completely anonymous.
    • The transmissions were sent at the speed of light through the air to the distant mission control.
    • This is typically done to avoid creating problems with analog satellite transmissions.
    • Yes, as narrow bandwidth transmissions, the signals are simple to describe.
    • The communication stationaries sent transmissions to the other ships to land.
    • From September 1961 all first transmissions of schools programmes would be simultaneously networked.
    • There is a bigger theoretical risk of getting sun stroke from moonlight than coming to harm from satellite transmissions with or without dishes in the locality.
    • Some government agencies intercept satellite and other transmissions.
    • Mobile phone frequencies were similar to radio, television and police radio transmissions that people live with every day, she said.
    • It was the source of the first scheduled British colour television transmissions in 1967.
    • Instead, he reset his own comm so that it would send a transmission on a low frequency band.
    • There would, too, be various devices on this upper tier capable of projecting slogans onto the clouds and broadcasting radio transmissions.
    • The moment will be beamed by satellite transmission to television and radio stations around the world.
    • Well, apparently, they're secret spy radio transmissions, broadcasting the encoded messages of the world's secret services.
    • It had editorial responsibility for all programme transmissions, once the channel controllers programme selection had been made.
    • As promised, a nice work of art to act as my test card whilst my transmissions stop for a week or so.
    • It was an incoming transmission broadcasted in real time; a live video feed was waiting answering.
    • This region also includes shortwave radio transmissions and television broadcasts.
    • Satellites, if funded, could easily detect the transmissions sent by these tags.
    • This had all followed years of test transmissions and experimental broadcasts in the early to mid thirties.
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    (of disease) transmisión femenino
    Biología (of characteristic) transmisión femenino
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    transmisión femenino
    automatic transmission transmisión automática
    • before noun transmission shaft árbol de transmisión
    • Over the years I have driven many small cars - all solidly built with a reputation for reliable engines and transmissions.
    • The mechanic said the transmission's clutch pack burned due to a faulty oil pump.
    • Generally extremely hot at this time of year, the summer weather puts added strain on the engines, transmissions and suspensions alike.
    • There will be different combinations of engines and transmissions.
    • The three most expensive parts of an automobile are the body, the engine and the transmission.
    • The radiator, transmission, rear housing and fuel cell are just a few of the parts that can be put to use in another car.
    • New engines and transmissions can cost more and deliver less, so these premium products don't always give the best fuel mileage.
    • Shift speed is also improved on vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.
    • A computer connected to the driver's panel and to the transmission system controls the engine.
    • The transmission has a planetary gear train and a hydrodynamic torque converter.
    • The 14L engine is coupled directly to the rear axle without a transmission or clutch.
    • As he worked on carburetors, engines, and transmissions, he did something unusual.
    • Engines and transmissions are manufactured at dozens of plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
    • These adjustments are only for vehicles with automatic transmissions.
    • You want this in hydraulic systems and in transmissions, axles, and other elements of the power train.
    • Floor pressings, suspension units, engines and transmissions were much the same and the maker could ring changes with the bodywork.
    • In the motor pool, mechanics pulled the transmission from a bomb-battered Humvee.
    • Cars with power steering, air conditioning and automatic transmissions are not good candidates.
    • They are equipped with four-cylinder engines and automatic transmissions.
    • The engine growled and the transmission grated, then settled down again as the truck started up a grade.