Traducción de transmitter en Español:


transmisor, n.

Pronunciación /trænsˈmɪdər//tranzˈmɪtə//trɑːnzˈmɪtə//transˈmɪtə//trænzˈmɪdər//trɑːnsˈmɪtə/


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    Televisión Radio
    transmisor masculino
    • I told you those FM radio transmitters were illegal in the UK!
    • Governments hoping to earn a fast buck by switching off analogue television transmitters and selling the frequencies to cellphone operators are in for a shock.
    • Conversely, radio waves from a transmitter operating near the cable will enter the cable through these slots.
    • These are transmitters that use radio waves to communicate with mobile phone handsets.
    • A radio transmitter is activated alerting rescue teams to their whereabouts.
    • Using a 10 watt transmitter, it can be heard by 2,847 families.
    • On the other, we are anxious about the impact of a mobile phone transmitter mast in our neighbourhood.
    • The battle was eventually won and the phone company agreed to erect a smaller transmitter in its place.
    • A wireless receiver unit receives the output signal transmitted by the transmitter.
    • Campaigners fear radiation from mobile phone transmitters can cause cancer or other health problems.
    • The researchers used quartz crystals, like the wave transmitters in televisions and radios, which vibrate in an electrical field.
    • The new solar powered FM transmitter will broadcast 24 hours a day with programmes predominantly in Pashto and Persian.
    • We attached satellite transmitters to turtles that had just finished nesting.
    • One of the patrolmen signaled frantically on a small portable transmitter for help.
    • More than a dozen eavesdropping and jamming units, telephone exchanges, and radio and television transmitters were attacked.
    • With just a couple of electronic components that cost at most a dollar or two, you can build simple radio transmitters and receivers.
    • Other covert radio transmitters available from security equipment dealers have serious drawbacks.
    • The march of phone transmitter masts is proving unstoppable.
    • And devices using a car's power outlet and a cassette player or a small radio transmitter are available.
    • All spacecraft carry a radio transmitter, used for transmitting both data about the spacecraft itself and about the scientific measurements.
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    micrófono masculino