Traducción de transmute en Español:


transmutar, v.

Pronunciación /trænsˈmjut//tranzˈmjuːt//trɑːnsˈmjuːt//trɑːnzˈmjuːt//trænzˈmjut//transˈmjuːt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to transmute sth into sth transmutar / convertir algo en algo
    • And the American dream that wealth transmutes success into happiness always ends in bitter disappointment.
    • This sense of connectedness, it has been suggested, is transmuted beyond the individualistic to the universal in spiritual individuals, manifested in a compassionate concern for all humankind.
    • The 1970s was a period when the Powellism of the 1960s came to suffuse the social fabric, and was gradually consolidated and transmuted into the Thatcherism of the 1980s.
    • The sniffles I have been nursing since July have transmuted into pure flu, as lead transmutes into gold.
    • What was unassuming and harmless suddenly becomes ironic, transmuted into that elusive thing we call ‘art.’
    • Though despair at his material sometimes makes him bellow, he gives a bravura performance that transmutes pointlessness into poignancy.
    • Wall Street is transmuting electrons into big money.
    • That is how we solve the problem, by channeling or transmuting our energy, desiring things that are more refined.
    • We see, here, a politics of masculinity, its currency that of resentment transmuted into exaggerated self-assertion.
    • Indeed, history itself is often not taught, being dumped instead into the soft-study mishmash called social studies or transmuted into half-baked courses in civics.
    • Such a society will see reality as something to be improved upon, perfected, transmuted into images.
    • It continues to run on the goggle-box and now has transmuted into a stage show.
    • Past experiences leave corresponding traces in mental space, suggesting how the mind retains but transmutes its sensory sources.
    • He could transmute wispy ideas into detailed plans and turn revolutionary dreams into enduring realities.
    • There is Latin itself, which ultimately failed to outlive the imperium and which slowly transmuted into the vernacular Romance languages.
    • Like so many other beauty products, styling treatments have come a long, long way: 20 years ago there were products that, when dry, transmuted into white flakes of dandruff.
    • Much of the labour of our minds, conscious and unconscious, consists in transmuting Sentiments into Ideas.
    • The city was engulfed by shock transmuted into compassion, grief and mourning.
    • The ‘new’ had transmuted into the old almost overnight.
    • That system transmutes disaster into mass death.