Traducción de transparent en Español:


transparente, adj.

Pronunciación /tranˈspɛːr(ə)nt//trænsˈpɛrənt//tranˈspar(ə)nt//trɑːnˈspɛːr(ə)nt//trɑːnˈspar(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (glass/paper/material) transparente
    • She whipped about, sending black curls dancing, and plastered her body to the thick layer of transparent material behind her.
    • For the scientists too, the pyramid is a fascinating object of study, especially when made of glass or other transparent material.
    • These fibrils are too small to scatter light, and so the material is virtually transparent.
    • One advantage of PVC is that, unlike most transparent materials, it is soft.
    • Glass is transparent, it refracts light, it may be coloured and it may be surface decorated by cutting, grinding, sand blasting and painting.
    • They were made of a transparent material that allowed the warriors to see inside.
    • Then there are the transparent materials which show everything, and I do mean everything.
    • The little shrunken body had become almost transparent.
    • But what makes it even more unique is its transparent fabric, which allows for amazing underwater viewing.
    • That sort of element of surprise keeps me intrigued by transparent materials and trickery - how you can fool the eye with light and shadows cast.
    • The projection screen is fabricated of a substantially transparent material, such as glass or plastic.
    • The wares were characterized by a brilliant white body and thin transparent glazes.
    • Painted in light, transparent oil paints, they appear to be isolated from their surrounding, often forming a direct relationship with the spectator.
    • The composition is effective through the use of converging diagonals and the play of light on the transparent materials.
    • Silicon is naturally transparent to infrared light waves, so photons passing through it usually have no effect.
    • Glass is not the only transparent material, but it may have been the most important.
    • Specific wavelengths are absorbed as light passes through a transparent gem or is reflected from the surface of an opaque gem.
    • A mixed media approach was adopted with transparent fabrics and various materials used along side hardware products.
    • They're gloves made of a transparent material.
    • The transparent glass railing allows guests to see the entire stage.
  • 2

    (meaning) claro
    (meaning) transparente
    it was a transparent lie/excuse era obvio / estaba claro que mentía/que se trataba de una excusa
    • it was a transparent attempt to bribe her fue un claro intento de soborno
    • Looks like that last-ditch and blatantly transparent attempt at a smear campaign didn't work at all.
    • The transparent attempts to come across as wise and selfless only increase my distaste for this woman.
    • The deal included modest increases in pension benefits, a transparent attempt to win support from older and higher-seniority longshoremen at the expense of the work force as a whole.
    • It's a fairly transparent attempt by the Prime Minister to avoid scrutiny and further revealing of the truth whilst trying to appear not to be doing so.
    • His frantic attempts, transparent and pathetic, to remould himself into something he is not compromised his dignity.
    • He charged that the government had reversed itself in a transparent attempt to get rid of him.
    • They publish and broadcast fluffy, weak, and uncritical stories in a transparent attempt to ingratiate themselves to communities.
    • Too few examine the transparent social conditions that conspire to make them the easiest targets for murder.
    • This was a transparent attempt to prove his toughness on crime.
    • The entire ad is built around an entirely intentional and fairly transparent attempt to deceive viewers.
    • This was a transparent attempt on her part to increase her equalization payment.
    • This is a pretty transparent attempt to parrot the administration line that this is nothing more than another beltway tempest in a teapot.
    • In a transparent attempt to defuse the explosive anger that swept the Arab world, they promised to hold those responsible accountable.
    • Its elections a few months ago were a sham, a transparent attempt to provide a democratic cloak for a body which is anything but democratic.
    • Again, no rational person could view such transparent nonsense as genuine apologies.
    • The Army's inspector general report is a transparent attempt at damage control.
    • We assumed that he could see right through the fairly transparent seduction attempts that people were laying in front of him practically every five minutes.
    • Despite his transparent attempt to slip this out unnoticed, he has to explain why he apparently broke the law.
    • His chances of career survival are made bleaker by his transparent and clumsy attempts to turn himself into the victim.