Traducción de transpire en Español:


Pronunciación /trɑːnˈspʌɪə//træn(t)ˈspaɪ(ə)r//tranˈspʌɪə/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(become apparent)

      it transpires that … resulta (ser) que …
      • it finally transpired that … finalmente resultó que …
      • as it transpired, she had known all along después nos enteramos (or se enteraron etc.) de que lo había sabido desde el principio

    • 1.2(happen)

      • Camp was made, no one suspecting what would soon transpire.
      • Details about what transpired at the meeting were not released.
      • More than a quarter of a century has now transpired since his election.
      • Knowing about what had transpired that night only opened up a can of worms.
      • Her thoughts were distant, fixated on what had transpired the night before.
      • I can't tell you what transpired next, it is too appalling to account.
      • We'll need to wait and see what actually transpires now with the data.
      • So we won't even talk about the tragedy that transpired last night.
      • Such varied images of what might transpire at a meeting suggests the novelty of the institution itself.
      • Trying to grasp the magnitude of what has just transpired he slowly begins to rise.
      • We do not know if he intended thus to set in motion the events that subsequently transpired.
      • And so you can imagine his feeling the next day when the events transpired.
      • Whether, in fact, the expected actually transpires is not the issue.
      • Being informed of what transpired during fragmentary blackouts often cued further recall.
      • Whatever transpired, it has certainly turned my son's attitude around!!
      • The evidence of what transpired at the meeting is in dispute.
      • Perhaps in that there is a strange lesson for whatever transpires in the culture after the election on 5 May.
      • Then, when the actual event transpires, things go in a refreshingly unanticipated manner.
      • Closing my eyes, I could almost see exactly what was transpiring on the screen.
      • The enormity of what had just transpired was slowly sinking into each scientist.
      • The boy told everything that had transpired since his companion's collapse.

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    Botánica Biología
    • The fourth leaf was allowed to transpire normally, or was wrapped in a transparent plastic bag.
    • Leaves in sunny microhabitats transpire more than those in shade microhabitats.
    • Throughout most of the day, when the plant is transpiring, these vessels will contain water under substantial hydraulic tension.
    • The same cycle was found in plants transpiring in ambient conditions and where transpiration was greatly reduced.
    • As the flowers transpire, water evaporates and is trapped at the roof of the bricks.
    • Mulch also limits frost penetration, enabling the roots of evergreens - whose leaves transpire moisture even in winter - to take up more water.

verbo transitivo

Botánica Biología

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    (moisture) transpirar