Traducción de transputer en Español:


transputor, n.

Pronunciación /trɑːnsˈpjuːtə//tranzˈpjuːtə//transˈpjuːtə//træn(t)ˈspjudər//trɑːnzˈpjuːtə/



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    transputor masculino
    • The pipeline transputer runs what basically is an assembler program, with three processes: a calculation process and two communication processes, one down, one up the pipe.
    • The specific topology for a transputer network must be configured by the software developer, with occam processes mapped to transputers appropriately.
    • We will first explore the methods used by the transputers to exchange information with each other, how transputers access the memory, and how they support multitasking.
    • This book presents a systematic approach to parallel implementation of feedforward neural networks on an array of transputers.
    • These can be used to connect one transputer to four other transputers.