Traducción de transverse flute en Español:

transverse flute

flauta traversa, n.


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    flauta traversa femenino
    flauta travesera femenino España
    • Globally, transverse flutes are less common than end-blown or duct flutes.
    • The physical process of making sound with a reed is clearly not the same as it is for a transverse flute.
    • The simple wooden or reed form of the transverse flute may have also been used in addition to the more regular end blown flutes or whistles.
    • The Concerto in D for Traverso (a transverse flute) and the Suite in A Minor for Recorder, Strings, and Basso Continuo are among Telemann's most famous works.
    • Some Indian bamboo transverse flutes have holes so far apart that they cannot be properly played by a Westerner.