Traducción de trap en Español:


trampa, n.

Pronunciación /træp//trap/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for animals, people)

      trampa femenino
      careful, it may be a trap! ten cuidado, puede ser una trampa
      • lion/elephant trap trampa para leones/elefantes
      • these shelves are terrible dust traps estos estantes juntan mucho polvo
      • to lay / set a trap for sb tenderle una trampa / una celada a algn
      • she got caught in the trap of … cayó en la trampa de …
      • to be caught like a rat in a trap estar atrapado / acorralado
      • to fall/walk into a trap caer en una trampa
      • Billy is determined to catch this mischievous animal that eats the bait from Billy's traps without ever getting caught.
      • Thus, consistently entering the same house immediately after release from a trap was taken as evidence that an animal was resident in that house.
      • She had her hands over her mouth, and her eyes looked like an animal caught in a trap, bleeding its life away.
      • The only legal leg-hold traps nowadays are designed to hold the animal and must allow some space between the jaws of the trap so the animal still feels its leg and thus won't eat it off to get out of the trap.
      • Animals caught in inhumane traps will languish not for hours, but for days.
      • If you catch the animal in the trap, transport it to some woods or take it to a wildlife agency.
      • He escapes and gets his log leg caught in a bear trap.
      • For over a hundred years, lobstermen have been using those familiar box-shaped net traps to catch lobsters.
      • Bear and other animal traps are fairly inexpensive, and they do the job quite well.
      • All of us must have seen pictures of animals caught in traps, a horrible slow painful death.
      • Over a career involving many dozens of battles, sieges, and skirmishes, Cromwell was beaten once: at Clonmel in May 1650, when he walked into a trap laid by Hugh O'Neill.
      • If you cannot get near the animal or must set a trap to catch it, it is probably feral.
      • ‘I borrowed some bamboo baskets from the department, put in baits and set the trap to catch the shrimp,’ Dong said.
      • I felt sure the gum on the precarious trap would catch the mouse tonight.
      • It would also ban the use of snares and traps to catch wild animals.
      • For twenty years Joe has weighed, marked, and released flying squirrels that enter live traps attached to tree trunks.
      • He dreamt that his hand was caught in a bear trap.
      • These poor dumb harmless animals are cruelly caught in a trap made of a short chain and wire rope and a three-foot bar driven into the ground.
      • As we said, the American soldier is qualified to perform cinematic roles only and the enemy will lose his heaviest casualties in these traps.
      • But three species make up 87 percent of the animals found in abandoned traps.
      • Much influenced by the battle of Cannae, he dwelt on the need for the left wing to fall back before the French, drawing them deeper into the trap.
      • The film opens with a young girl baying for help, her foot caught in an animal trap.
      • The hedgehogs will be caught in specially baited traps before being put to sleep with gas and then killed by lethal injection.

    • 1.2(in pipe)

      sifón masculino
      • Close the water valves and disconnect the water lines just above the valves and the drain piping at the trap.
      • Another common practice is the addition of automotive antifreeze to toilets and sink traps.
      • If some such object is presently lodged in your toilet trap, it may be necessary to detach the bowl from the floor.
      • For the first time, I've experienced a most unwelcome intrusion into the most sacred of personal spaces - the toilet trap.
      • I didn't complain as I unclogged and scoured the grease traps and toilets.

    • 1.3

  • 2argot

    to keep one's trap shut no decir nada
    • shut your trap! ¡cierra el pico!
    • They landed in her cleavage, and when she looked up at me to complain, she must have seen the look of a cold-blooded murderer in my eyes because she shut her trap real quick.
    • I am NOT an interfering busybody - leastways I can keep my trap firmly shut on any conundrum I don't know about.
    • I don't care if you all know it already, I'm keeping my trap shut.
    • He doesn't know the details yet and he should keep his trap shut until he does.
    • He once said: ‘A minister should either keep his trap shut or resign.’
    • I kept my trap shut while he was foul mouthing my bosses and I just laughed along.
    • So, why do some think that Charles should keep his trap shut?
    • The tautological trap snapped shut: the discussion had become the work, which had the goal of becoming the object of a discussion.
    • To make a long story short, he who is able to keep his trap shut, suck wind, and bury his head in the sand will always be valued by anyone who lives in a glass hut.
    • I am glad I kept my impertinent trap shut two years ago, and I am now looking forward immensely to watching the drama next Tuesday night.
    • In other words, he should mind his business and keep his trap shut.
    • When they reached the border the uncle warned the nephew to keep his trap shut and let him do the talking.
    • So rather than hurt your feelings, he figured he'd keep his trap shut.
    • Anyhow, as I'm no football commentator, let me shut my trap as I may just get into territory where I cannot defend myself.
    • I shut my trap for the next few minutes, and then muttered ‘Good One’.
    • So I keep my trap shut in the café while Neo and his painfully cool friends rave over what we've just seen.
    • I shall henceforth keep my trap shut about the food.
    • This doctor should mind her own business, shut her trap and get a life.
    • However, I do know more about dervish people than you, so shut your trap.
    • Eddie keeps his trap shut as the grand final approaches.
  • 3

    • 3.1(in greyhound racing)

      box de salida masculino
      • Saturday morning traffic, cars stalled like greyhounds waiting for the traps to open.
      • Tyrone came racing out of the traps like well-trained greyhounds hungry for the only prize that mattered.
      • Like a greyhound out of a trap at Harold's Cross on a Friday night John Bee sprung into action.
      • Only four went to traps for the opening race over 575 yards.
      • But it's like, he's scarcely out of the traps when the race is over, if you know what I mean.
      • An Gaeltacht came out of traps like a good greyhound, took the game doggedly and determinedly to the leaders, and had them reeling as they attempted to hold the Western champions at bay.
      • Like greyhounds out of traps, the opening of the doors sparks a mad rush for the station exits.
      • The supporting card provided top class entertainment despite the fact that there was some controversy regarding the opening of the traps for the fifth race.
      • The fifth race was re-run after the traps failed to open on time, and it resulted in victory going to Ardbeg Smokey which won in 16.66.
      • Waterford started in a blaze of glory, racing out of the traps but the worldly wise Claremen just bided their time and struck with deadly force.
      • Indeed when she led out of traps the race as a contest appeared all over.
      • Only four runners went to traps for this race with the Martin Sweeney trained Windseye Pride the odds on favourite at 4 / 6.

    • 3.2(in clay-pigeon shooting)

      lanzaplatos masculino
      • Now Bill wasn't too good on his feet but he was a very keen clay pigeon shooter and kept his old hammer gun hidden in his cabin along with a clay pigeon trap which he handed to his friend.
      • We had to load the clay pigeons into the traps.
      • I noticed the first little clump of snowdrops, by an old beech tree, as I was setting up my clay pigeon trap on the top of a steep bank.

    • 3.3sand trap(in golf)

      bunker masculino
      • It can maintain the shape of sand traps and bunkers as well as quickly create flower beds and tree rings in other parts of the landscape.
      • They first looked at magnetic crystals found in mud samples from a water trap of an Australian golf course.
      • He kept Europe ahead at the ninth with a sensational bunker shot from an awkward lie in a greenside trap, followed by a successful putt.
      • We have confirmed from the ground and verified through satellite imagery that this place has no fairways, just one big sand trap.
      • How many of you playing out of a sand trap at a local golf course have considered which beach the sand originated from?

  • 4

    carruaje ligero de dos ruedas
    • The guests arrived in all modes of transport, horse and trap, horse and carriage and a bicycle made for two.
    • Before they were in the Christmas tree business the Bergin sisters ran a tourist venture with their Clydesdale horses and traps.
    • Buggies and ponies and traps are to be found running through the streets in that community every day.
    • Bet all this boiling rage and impatient was absent in the days of pony traps.
    • At about 3.30 pm, the Mayor will be ferried into Micklegate in a trap pulled by Santa's magic reindeer.
    • The ponymen at the Gap of Dunloe use smaller horse traps than the ones used by the Killarney jarveys.
    • All these animals were pets apart from the two work horses which pulled the trap to town to take my father to work in the family business.
    • From his window he could see the Pyramids, but all he wanted to see was a photograph of Tommy, the pony which pulled the trap for the two of them on their last ride together.
    • Got a bottle of milk & a man, horse & trap to pull us through the Waitaho river which is about a mile from the house.
    • Dozens of gypsies had assembled in their pony traps to welcome in the New Year.
    • Also at this years parade there is a section for vintage tractors, cars, bicycles, pony and traps and any other form of ancient transport.
    • Nowadays you wouldn't be able to hear it for traffic but it was so peaceful, just horses and traps.
    • This year there will be a vintage section to the parade which will include old forms of transport such as cars, bikes, pony and traps etc. as well as vintage machinery such as old tractors.
    • This would include vintage tractors, cars, bicycles, ponies and traps and any other kind of vintage transport or machinery.
    • Here there are fewer Mercs and more ponies and traps are required to haul entire families of up to a dozen, cartloads of household appliances or mountains of hay or grass.
    • Now we can start to conceive of a car without thinking of horses and suspension and traps and carriages.
    • Work will include the laying of concrete and tarmacadam in a parking area for traps and ponies that take thousands of visitors through the spectacular, seven-mile gap.
    • He sighed then wondered if she was pulling them into a trap.
    • The medical student came upon an accident in a city street where he found the man, a wealthy entrepreneur, impaled by the shaft that joined his trap and horse.
    • There were other wheels made for traps, sidecars and carriages.

verbo transitivotrapped, trapping

  • 1

    (animal) (con trampa) cazar
    • The bushmeat trade is rife in parts of Africa, where animals ranging from rats, wild dogs, lions leopards and rare apes are trapped for food.
    • Firstly their lack of success trapping wolves has meant that they have been unable to fit radio collars and so cannot accurately follow the animals' movements.
    • Three rats were trapped in Kumarakom, a famous tourist spot in the district, and two were positive for leptospiral antibodies.
    • It seems the rats got worse when the cats were trapped.
    • Meanwhile, prairie dog colonies are destroyed, and prairie dogs are trapped or frozen to feed captive ferrets in an endless cycle of failure.
    • One contestant wolfed down an animal tripe taco, while another was asked to try to trap a slippery pig drenched in butter.
    • She trapped rabbits and cooked them in the dorm.
    • Russell, a fifth generation sheep farmer, has trapped wild dogs most of his life and has come out of retirement to help control the explosion in the wild dog population.
    • The fear of plague necessitated a thorough clean-up operation involving a major task to trap the rats and kill them.
    • The lions were trapped and then put into a gaming pen where the king could hunt them.
    • Warfarin resistance areas in Europe are shown and locations where resistant rats were trapped in the wild are indicated.
    • Mice were trapped in farm-houses in October and November 1998.
    • Once the mouse is trapped, it's a simple matter of driving down the road a few miles and releasing it.
    • Once he dreamed he was trying to trap foxes but kept catching Dalmatians.
    • He told police in interview that after trapping a cat he would hit it over the head with a large hammer.
    • The wolf was trapped and killed because it epitomized the wilderness that settlers sought to tame and replace with farms and ranches.
    • Most of the wolves trapped by biologists in Montana test positive for exposure to parvo, she said, but few succumb.
    • Mice were trapped and weighed during our field studies in Goegap in 2002.
    • The second panel describes how coastal tribes came on seasonal trips for food, trapping birds and catching eels.
    • Newburyport's free-roaming cats were trapped, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered before being returned to the streets.
  • 2

    (cut off, catch)
    30 miners are feared trapped in the mine se teme que 30 mineros hayan quedado atrapados en la mina
    • the driver was trapped in the wreckage el conductor quedó atrapado en el vehículo siniestrado
    • the kitten had got trapped in the cupboard el gatito había quedado encerrado / atrapado en el armario
    • she trapped her finger in the door se agarró / se pilló el dedo en la puerta
    • And he realises he is trapped in a vice from which he cannot escape, so he resorts to repression.
    • Conservationists say 120,000 elephants are now trapped in Botswana, with no natural routes to follow back to the river.
    • I sometimes feel that I am trapped here, surrounded by concrete, and that I will never get out.
    • A stark warning was issued this week when a mother and her baby were trapped in their burning home after arsonists torched their only escape route.
    • He had an amazing escape when he was trapped under a 30-ton skip for 90 minutes and emerged with hardly a scratch.
    • During the day, we were trapped in the confines of the Schumann metro stop.
    • He proved to be a tall man, intimidating the false lieutenant enough that he slithered sideways along the main console like a deer trapped by a cougar.
    • She'd trapped a mouse behind it and was moaning in frustration at not being able to go in for the kill.
    • Like many other girls, the teenager was trapped in a vicious circle.
    • The sheets were burning around me and I was trapped in a deadly circle of flames.
    • The checkpoint opens and closes randomly, trapping students and workers on the wrong side after a day at work or school, preventing them from returning home.
    • The hopelessness and lack of escape traps the young girl in a never-ending cycle of exploitation.
    • The thick smoke and flames trapped people upstairs.
    • By the time Mary and her sisters had reached the bottom of the stairs, the front door was up in flames and had trapped the family in the house.
    • Pictorially, for Louis de Roncherolles there is no escape; he is trapped for perpetuity within a closed circle of mourning and death.
    • I was trapped, caged, imprisoned in a dungeon of my own making.
    • When late one evening neighbours noticed smoke coming from the house there was no hope of Blanche escaping - she was trapped in her home made prison.
    • Some nights he dreams his wife and daughter are trapped in a circle of flame away from him.
    • If your mum and dad were trapped in marriage for twenty years not because they loved each other, but because they were in need of the comfort, would you write a song about it?
    • Millions of working people and their families are trapped in a vicious circle from which there is no escape.
  • 3

    (trick, deceive)
    he trapped me into a confession/into admitting that … me tendió una trampa y confesé/reconocí que …
  • 4

    (liquid/gas/heat/light) retener
  • 5

    (in soccer)
    (ball) parar con el pie
    • After 13 minutes a long punt up field by Worns found Kevin Kuranyi who trapped the ball with his chest, turned but fired wide from the edge of the box.
    • But already this, unlike this afternoon's affairs, looks like a proper match, with passing and players who can trap the ball and that.
    • Forlan traps the ball on the left-hand side of the box and volleys it first time through a crowded area and to the left of a diving Sylva.
    • That's usually English commentator-speak for: ‘He can trap a ball without falling over.’
    • Because there is no doubt about his ability, as evidenced by the superb piece of skill he showed when trapping a through ball in the first half before jinking his way past three players to work an opening.

verbo intransitivotrapped, trapping

  • 1

    (catch animals)
    (con trampa) cazar
    they lived by trapping and fishing vivían de la caza y de la pesca