Traducción de trapper en Español:


trampero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtræpər//ˈtrapə/


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    trampero masculino
    trampera femenino
    cazador masculino
    cazadora femenino
    fur trapper cazador de pieles masculino
    • While I support the hunters and trappers of Illinois, I refuse to support this particularly gruesome hunting method that's been banned in the state for years.
    • Thank you for your October 24 letters expressing your opposition to the issuance of a stamp honoring trappers and animal trapping.
    • Their participation was crucial because the rural poor are usually exploited as animal trappers.
    • This gave him an opportunity to visit various bird sanctuaries in the country and he took part in scientific projects to trap birds using the professional trappers and ring them.
    • The committee came to that conclusion after holding three regional meetings with hunters and trappers organizations in the Baffin, Kivalliq and Kitikmeot.
    • Reid says hunters and trappers tried to strike a compromise by agreeing to strictly limited hunting and trapping seasons.
    • Hunters and trappers described fertile meadows and hills forested with white pine, birch, beech, maple, and hemlock.
    • They were mostly hunters, trappers, and woodsmen.
    • When the trapper finally comes to collect the animals, they stomp or beat them to death to avoid damaging the pelt.
    • A trapper who caught wild birds in the woods around Ongar was convicted and fined £3,000 after an elaborate undercover operation involving the police and the RSPCA.
    • In addition, trappers check their trap lines on a daily basis, minimizing the amount of time the animal waits.
    • A delegation of East Gippsland farmers will approach Environment Minister John Thwaites to push for more wild dog trappers.
    • As the trapper came closer the animal jumped to his feet.
    • Even if you believe this, however, the hunters, fishers and trappers still pay far more money that goes directly to wildlife and land management.
    • We need to articulate the fact that trappers using foothold traps was essential to this unprecedented reintroduction success.
    • They were hunters, trappers, fishermen, and farmers whose ancestors were exiled from Nova Scotia by the British in 1765.
    • A survey of Lubicon hunters and trappers found that the numbers of animals had fallen by roughly 90 per cent.
    • Canada is synonymous with the fur trade and our history is replete with the stories of trappers, trap lines, and the great fur-trade routes.
    • It doesn't matter whether it's our trap, or whether we're using her trap to trap the trapper.
    • They had the opportunity to discuss ways to reduce animal suffering with me and other problem animal controllers and trappers.