Traducción de trauma en Español:


trauma, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtraʊmə//ˈtrɔːmə//ˈtraʊmə//ˈtrɔmə/


  • 1plural traumas

    (shock, painful experience)
    trauma masculino
    • It can be triggered by peer pressure, media pressure or sudden traumas such as divorce or death.
    • This is in addition to the increased shock and trauma such events would have upon the release of these men.
    • In my opinion, the causes are related to depression, emotional trauma and extremely low self-esteem.
    • It is not confined to those who suffer emotional trauma or who are diagnosed as being mentally ill.
    • Many Australian veterans have suffered from the long-term effects of trauma.
    • Given the traumas of his previous runs this season, I won't be recommending a bet…
    • Psychological trauma and long term emotional damage were major concerns.
    • No nation has experienced the traumas that have repeatedly befallen the Jewish nation.
    • Persons suffering from traumas such as strokes or serious accidents are vulnerable due to the wait.
    • Did you have an unusually bad high-school experience, or was it just the usual teen traumas?
    • A generation for whom all these realities are new, and yet are exposed to the traumas in such an unfiltered way, is bound to be deeply troubled.
    • Okay, as far as phobia-causing childhood traumas go, I'm sure there are worse.
    • This proud young man has already experienced the physical pain and emotional trauma inflicted by this government.
    • The goal of this author and her family is to give a voice for the long term victims of trauma.
    • No thought is given to the physical, mental, and emotional trauma suffered by the victim.
    • Aside from what was later termed emotional trauma, the divers were returned unharmed.
    • This act was deeply unpopular, and implicated Ford in the traumas of Watergate.
    • These testimonies are then separated from other traumas and suffering across the globe.
    • His experience of the traumas and the issues of the civil war of the 1260s informed his approach to English affairs when he became king.
    • This evolutionary process has not been without its traumas.
    • She has a dark, dark secret that would twist the mind of any cat that has experienced the traumas she has, and seen the things she's seen.
    • But such traumas only occur after exhaustive efforts to achieve co-operation with dignity have failed.
    • The majority of these power-hungry leaders are trying to make up for sins in their own lives or for the past traumas and hurts they have experienced.
    • The traumas of reversing this process are still being felt some 10 years after the systems were abolished.
    • The trauma of the ordeal led her to move to another house as she feared for her safety.
    • The effects of the traumas experienced by Holocaust survivors persist more than 50 years later.
    • While such events can lead to considerable psychological trauma and distress, they may also inure a young mind to violence.
    • She told the conference that injuries she couldn't show were the emotional and mental trauma.
    • I hope that her family will be able to spend some quality time with her, but it will not be easy in the long run to cope with such emotional trauma.
    • More traumas like this and I might actually have to use one.
    • For many Muslims, it has been a haven where they could come to heal the traumas and persecution they experienced in their home countries.
    • He hints at family traumas, but is suspicious of pop stars who ‘pour their hearts out with media training’.
    • I, too, experienced the traumas of trying to enter the world of journalism.
    • It was the custody that caused the mother and son to suffer the severe emotional trauma that led to the suicide, she added.
    • Students are encouraged to experience university challenges as traumas.
    • We work with a variety of young people and families, many have experienced traumas, different forms of abuse.
    • Many suffer emotional trauma from the shock of leaving home and being forced into a relationship too early.
    • In my work I often see people who have suffered terrible traumas but never as immediately as this.
    • Psychologists said the child, who was immediately placed in foster care, would suffer long-term trauma.
    • Our service-men and women would probably suffer the same kind of traumas which have hit combatants from past conflicts.
  • 2plural traumas"or "traumata

    Psicología trauma masculino
    Medicina traumatismo masculino
    Medicina trauma masculino
    • A foreign body usually presents with a history of trauma and an entrance wound that will not heal.
    • The county medical examiner said the boy died of blunt force trauma, a fractured skull and bruised brain.
    • All blunt orbital trauma should be taken seriously even when an injury is apparently trivial.
    • The common abdominal injuries after blunt trauma are those to the spleen, liver, and kidneys.
    • Other causes are trauma, iatrogenic injury, popliteal aneurysm, and aortic dissection.