Traducción de travesty en Español:


parodia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrævəsti//ˈtravɪsti/

nombrePlural travesties


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    parodia femenino
    farsa femenino
    this trial is a travesty of justice este juicio es una farsa
    • We, at the appeals tribunal do not think Mr Fawkes received a fair trial - and consequently we believe there has been a travesty of justice.
    • I think that is a travesty of justice if that occurs and I'm against it totally.
    • We hate it and regard it as a travesty of justice when applied to others, especially others whose sins hurt us.
    • When I survey the world of the New Humanities, what I see is a travesty of what I understand by the life of the mind.
    • We will walk through a travesty of language, where truth is but a signs system and actions are always appear flanked by a pair of stars.
    • Gardens in the Arab world today, for example in the Emirates, which grow where once nothing grew at all, are very worthy but a travesty of the original.
    • What eventually took its place was a travesty of the real thing, a mockery of the power that could raise men to heaven and give them the glimpse of God for which they gladly died.
    • But the premise of the movie (that Cruise fights off the Martians) is a travesty of the book.
    • The planning meeting, in my opinion, was a travesty of democracy.
    • And if he isn't crowned King of the Jungle in 24 hours time, it will be a travesty of the highest order.
    • The showpeople left calling it a travesty of justice.
    • How that one got past the speaker is a travesty of fiscal accountability.
    • The participants are adults, they know what they are in for and if it is a travesty of human dignity, it is a victimless travesty because they want to do it and we want to watch it.
    • This is indeed a shame and a travesty of national proportions.
    • He has a good sense of humor about his situation, but it makes it nonetheless a travesty of justice and humanity.
    • Hillary and the two Australians set out in November 1998 on what became a travesty of the Scott epic.
    • It was ‘a travesty of democracy’ that MPs were yesterday denied the right to a proper vote on the issue, she said.
    • In short, it is a travesty of not only scholarship, but plain common sense.
    • The second lesson must be that we need to understand that blaming the residents of Sighthill for the events of the past week is simply misguided and a travesty of the truth.
    • However defeat for Seamus Grant would have been a travesty of justice given all that he has delivered to the county for fifty years and more.

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