Traducción de trawler en Español:


barca pesquera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrɔlər//ˈtrɔːlə/


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    (utilizada para hacer pesca de arrastre) barca pesquera femenino
    bou masculino
    • Stowed away aboard trawlers and ferries, animal travellers have descended upon the islands for many years.
    • Seven battleships, six cruisers and several torpedo boats steamed among the trawlers.
    • The boat was an old trawler, something more for fisherman than pleasure cruising.
    • The crew of the trawler had abandoned ship and the vessel was listing badly.
    • With the Australians in charge the trawler and the chase ship then turned to re-cross the Indian Ocean.
    • The Japanese ships pursued the trawler and captured it several hours later.
    • They said the fate of fishing trawlers out at sea at the time of the tidal waves was not yet known.
    • A fishing trawler off the Outer Hebrides broadcast a Mayday after their engine room and fish hold flooded.
    • The Government has agreed to decommission 11 trawlers in Grimsby and four in Scarborough.
    • The fishing trawler then proceeded towards Peterhead where the rescued fishermen were landed.
    • Coastal fishing communities had been protesting the invasion of their fishing grounds by the trawlers.
    • The number of trawlers calling at Lerwick harbour has stabilised in 2004 following a period of decline.
    • It had more fish, too, although sections were severely impacted by the armada of trawlers and fishing camps.
    • For the men who work the fishing trawlers, it is a life of hardship and endurance.
    • The industry was in its heyday - stacks of fish back to back the length of the quay, off a long line of trawlers newly returned from the far North.
    • Euro-MPs are today debating proposals to give trawlers from Spain unlimited fishing rights to nearby Irish waters.
    • If you're any distance from the coast, keep your eyes open for bigger passenger boats or trawlers.
    • It came, instead, on a fishing trawler plying its trade in the unforgiving waters off the west coast.
    • Confirmation of the severity of the storm arrived in the shape of a fishing trawler coming in to find shelter.
    • Agreement has been reached with our trawlers and Australian Fisheries to make this devise compulsory.