Traducción de treble clef en Español:

treble clef

clave de sol, n.


  • 1

    clave de sol femenino
    • There is a misprint in the first movement: The arpeggiated chords in the treble clef in the last line should all be the same: F-sharp, A, C-sharp, F, A-flat, C, E.
    • The solo instrumental part, in the treble clef, has a melody line characterised by a falling figure, often an augmented fourth.
    • For music that ascends further into the reaches of the treble clef, the convention in older music was to write it an octave higher than it would sound, perhaps so that it would look high as well as sound high.
    • Two parts are scored in treble clef and two parts in bass clef, with suggested instruments listed for each part.
    • The tenor part, while notated in the treble clef, often actually sounds below middle ‘C.’