Traducción de tree trunk en Español:

tree trunk

tronco, n.


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    tronco masculino
    • The sensor can be attached to a spike that is pushed into soil or poked into a tree trunk, or it can be clamped to a plant stem.
    • ‘People used to say that a tree trunk came in one end and a carriage came out the other,’ he said.
    • She had survived for six days by clinging to a tree trunk.
    • We pause for a moment to reflect before the sculpture carved from a single tree trunk.
    • Mr Bowling said he had arranged to have the tree trunk removed yesterday afternoon.
    • She managed to wriggle partially into the fork between the stubby branch and the tree trunk.
    • I hopped in a low branch over a river and leaned against the tree trunk, gazing ahead of me.
    • It is also not unknown for flood debris to block passages, so be prepared to encounter the odd tree trunk in unexpected places.
    • I stood behind a tree trunk, holding the rod and watching the bait.
    • The way they see it, a tree trunk is not just a tree trunk, but also a bronchial tube.
    • The route is fairly steep, up through the trees, until eventually you reach a bench made from a tree trunk.
    • Some kinds of mushroom which grow out of the side of a tree trunk have almost no stalk.
    • Mr Bradbury said people should know better than to start any sort of fire within a forest, even if they thought it was only an old tree trunk.
    • I stood up and balanced on the one foot wide branch and walked to the tree trunk.
    • He leaves the body on a strong branch and ties the body to the tree trunk and heads back.
    • It turned out to be one of the forest's many pieces of art work - a hare with its ears raised sculpted from an old tree trunk.
    • And sticking out of a nest down the side of the mountain, was a tree trunk just wide enough for someone to walk on and cross to the other side.
    • And, with that, she had slid gracefully down the tree trunk and walked off.
    • If you put your ear against an old tree trunk lying in the grass, a park official will knock on the trunk and you can hear what an ant hears.
    • By the time I had donned my wellies a large proportion of the big tree trunk had already succumbed to his chainsaw.