Traducción de trend en Español:


tendencia, n.

Pronunciación /trɛnd//trɛnd/


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    • 1.1(pattern, tendency)

      tendencia femenino
      there is a trend toward centralization existe una tendencia a / hacia la centralización
      • that's the general trend among young people esa es la tónica general entre los jóvenes
      • upward/downward trend tendencia alcista / al alza/bajista / a la baja
      • this will set the trend in personal computers esto marcará la pauta / la tónica en lo que respecta a computadoras personales
      • We know of no previous reports of angina incidence trends in Britain based on reviews of medical records from general practices.
      • The trend indicates the general tendency or direction over the long-term.
      • They also reportedly stressed the importance of such positive trends to be sustained in the weeks ahead.
      • The point is that the general trend is moving in the positive direction.
      • The revolution in English football has led to the development of some disturbing trends, however.
      • Any measure of geographical variation or time trends needs to ensure comparability of numerator and denominator data.
      • At any rate, there is a worrying trend developing along the North Mayo coast.
      • Only a few years ago, in 1999 to be precise, Al used to call upward price trends a threat.
      • But we expect the general trend in 2000 will be in the opposite direction to last year.
      • The exercise has also come about because of housing developments in the area which could affect population trends.
      • Some trends may be apparent but other changes may occur which may contradict the general direction of the trend.
      • However, there are some general trends that depend more on the species than on the gene.
      • As is apparent in the current analysis, the trends were general, and not discrete.
      • Returning to the pectoral limb, we can easily make out two general trends.
      • Certainly in New South Wales, new trends are developing in terms of where foster families are in 2003.
      • The general trend is towards currency management against a basket which reflects the trading mix of imports and exports.
      • As a general trend, sales of Irish newspapers have declined during the past quarter.
      • The editors followed the general trends within economic history, whose foundations were developed elsewhere.
      • They observed differences between the samples and made note of some general trends.
      • The most recent batch reverse that trend, generally showing the parties to be even.

    • 1.2(fashion)

      moda femenino
      • The mall promoted trends and high fashion, which were two things Rebecca didn't follow.
      • His studies have shown that fashion and social trends and even consumer buying habits often reflect humanity's search for a deeper meaning.
      • Tiny bikini underwear is gaining in prevalence simply because of today's fashion trends.
      • Prices in the art market are to a high degree influenced by fashionable trends.
      • These days, in contrast, fashion trends emanate from a diverse range of sources.
      • This technique serves to identify drug use trends at an early stage in their development.
      • But what is the real impact on the home front of our obsession with fashionable and vogue trends?
      • As far as retro fashion trends go, the fifties may be here to stay awhile.
      • I confess it is a fashionable trend, but in summer, I think most people choose cotton or silk.
      • Someone had better spare me from their ramblings of fashion trends and marriage.
      • However, new electronics features as usual will ameliorate such negative trends.
      • Even without a single currency, that is where we are sharing cultures, fashion and lifestyle trends.
      • And the channel that plays the hit music is now setting trends in fashion.
      • The gardens of the time were eclectic and people wanted the latest trends from home and abroad - leading to some extravagant features.
      • Politicians now think that a few glib punchlines and a couple of fashionable trends will pull them closer to young people.
      • For office supply stores, color and fashion trends spell opportunity and risk.
      • As a matter of fact, I don't like anything to do with fashions or trends.
      • In the future, demographics may alter food trends in yet different directions.
      • Fashion trends in general are strongly influenced by music, TV and film celebrities.
      • It's all about style and cars and fashion and trends and shape and form, so it's a great marriage.

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    dirección femenino

verbo intransitivo

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    unemployment is trending upward/downward el desempleo tiende al alza/a la baja
    • public opinion trends toward/away from capital punishment la opinión pública se inclina hacia/en contra de la pena capital