Traducción de trendsetter en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtrɛn(d)ˌsɛdər//ˈtrɛndsɛtə/


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    persona que inicia una moda
    • According to recent research, ‘Tuning into the Indian Youth’, MTV VJs are trendsetters and the ‘ultimate’ in fashion.
    • As the cold winds begin to blow, fashion trendsetters, celebrities, and professional athletes have started donning their favorite headwear.
    • This is the trendsetter when it came to cultural trends, political trends.
    • It's an interesting paradox: original she may not be, but a trendsetter she certainly is.
    • A person that doesn't purchase at least one or two new pieces of clothing every season can definitely not consider himself a fashion trendsetter.
    • Fashion, say trendsetters in Dubai, is here to stay.
    • All this time I was slavishly imitating a TV character and she thought I was a fashion trendsetter (albeit a disastrously failed one).
    • Institutions in South Mumbai, which attract students from affluent families, have been trendsetters in fashion.
    • Elvis Presley's shark fin blazers and trademark ‘puff’ still keep mass fashion trendsetters agog.
    • Andrew added: ‘Stuart was amazed to find he's become a trendsetter, a fashion icon.’
    • Indeed, she emerged as a fashion trendsetter, helped frame the office, and was the capital city's leading social figure for decades.
    • Nicole Kidman has long been considered a fashion trendsetter.
    • Celebrity figures are fashion trendsetters for mere mortals everywhere.
    • This 21-to 30-year-old population is the very demographic that marketers perceive as trendsetters when it comes to fashion and music.
    • They include a sparkle princess, a rock star, a fashion trendsetter and a drama diva complete with glittery sunglasses.
    • Similar to how high-end fashion brands gain popularity, a brand must be first accepted by opinion leaders and trendsetters in Cheongdam-dong and spread to hip areas in Gangnam and Hongdae.
    • But it's pretty much guaranteed that those trendsetters who start the fashion rages already have something new in mind.
    • Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Louise was a trendsetter when she married the Marquis of Lorne, heir to the dukedom of Argyll, in 1871.
    • Other trendsetters took a cue from Africa's most revered politician, and ditched their suits.
    • When we look at the winners of our challenge, we see champions of innovation: leaders, change agents, disrupters, trendsetters, and social entrepreneurs.