Traducción de trendy en Español:


moderno, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtrɛndi//ˈtrɛndi/


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    modernoso coloquial
    his ideas are very trendy at the moment sus ideas están muy de moda actualmente
    • a bunch of trendy lefties un montón de izquierdistas progres
    • she was wearing a very trendy outfit iba vestida muy moderna / a la última moda
    • this part of town is getting very trendy este barrio se está poniendo de moda
    • The clothes are vibrant, trendy and snazzy, just the right type for your child.
    • And a host of trendy fashion houses are clamouring to be the first to get the designs on their shelves.
    • Police have warned trendy youngsters to take care with their designer baseball caps in a bid to halt a spate of thefts.
    • In fact, I have a feeling that what endears the place to me is its almost meticulous lack of trendy design.
    • But the road is a different cup of tea for the more affluent and trendy Jakartans.
    • Little wonder consumers care a great deal for this trendy fashion accessory.
    • Hip young Indians sipping tequilas and strutting their designer gear in trendy bars and discos are now commonplace.
    • If you think their wish list is headed by the latest toys or trendy clothes, guess again.
    • There are trendy surf-style shops and local designers doing their thing.
    • She tries to make it four times a week and rewards her dedication with trendy clothes.
    • Some awful trendy logo which would go out of fashion in a few months?
    • The classy curls, gels, trendy perms, and chic colours have not seemed to inspire us!
    • One can be trendy and fashionable and still keep in touch with one's cultural roots.
    • Well it's their level: a funky, trendy marketing fad, that is quite probably pointless.
    • And so it becomes more and more chic in trendy places to drink wine from foreign countries.
    • He said he offered a range of services, including trendy cuts, highlighting and other general men's cuts.
    • You are only slowing down your own growth rate through symbolic, righteous and trendy protest.
    • He's a busy man but takes time out to play golf and put together a chic and trendy photo book every year.
    • It is tempting for trendy writers to portray him as a tool of rich imperialists oppressing the poor convicts.
    • Each doll also comes with an extra face plate, trendy fashions and a cool messenger bag.


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    persona a la moda femenino Britanico despectivo coloquial
    Política (masculine and feminine) progre coloquial