Traducción de triad en Español:


tríada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtraɪˌæd//ˈtrʌɪad/


  • 1formal

    (set of three)
    tríada femenino formal
    • In dealing with financial topics, James Surowiecki exhibits, without showing off, a rare triad of journalistic attributes: intelligence, style and conscience.
    • The book thus investigates a triad of subjects: history of doctrines, technologies, and experiments.
    • Police sources say part of the racket was connected to so-called ‘car parking jockeys’ - triads who take payments to park restaurant diners' cars - who wanted ‘compensation’ for the use of parking spaces.
    • While they can all occur independently, the interrelationship between the three parts of the triad is such that one component will affect another.
    • She is also a psychotherapist in San Francisco who works with couples, triads and other forms of alternative families.
    • She frequently risks the reprimand of her more zealous colleagues by allowing students to talk quietly in pairs or triads while moving through the school.
    • The information assurance triad is composed of authentication, integrity and confidentiality.
    • It is unlikely that the Irish needed explanation of the concept of three persons in one, as triads were central to pre-Christian Celtic religious tradition.
    • Bundles are then arranged in pairs or triads, and respondents asked to choose between them and some status quo alternative.
    • Certain basic configurations are apparent in the composition of triads of images.
    • Rotman textually embodies mathematical practice by delineating a triad of subject-positions.
    • This triad is the area within the psyche that is capable of self-consciousness and choice.
    • The consistency of responses can be measured by the number of circular triads in the individual's dominant preference order of the choice set elements.
    • In short, allocation of elements within the mobility triad is fragmented and stovepiped and needs a quick fix to achieve efficiency.
    • Set out in order are first the units, then the pairs, the triads, and so forth, up to groups of eleven.
    • Although a triad arrangement of images seems possible for images of this size, the iconographic basis he offers is highly unusual and the proposal seems forced.
    • Civilization's interest in controlling waste function does not automatically produce a concomitant interest in the Freudian triad of cleanliness, order, and beauty.
    • Even more fundamental to the old man-young man-woman triad is the connection between age and passion.
    • There are several other examples of these Buddhist triads in the exhibit.
    • This sequence showed variability in pairs and triads of days without including three H or L consecutive days.
  • 2

    tríada femenino
    • For flat keys, again begin with the last flat and form a major triad with that note as the root.
    • This basic introduction also excludes triads and arpeggios.
    • The third of a triad may be emphasized above its root or fifth to create a ‘sweeter’ quality in a dolce passage.
    • The difference is that Beethoven lifts the upper two notes of the triad, leaving the bass to follow belatedly, while Elgar jacks up the bass first, and the upper notes follow.
    • Included are the fundamentals of harmony, such as intervals, triads, chords, modulation and so on.
  • 3

    (átomo, radical o elemento trivalente) tríada femenino
  • 4Triad

    (secret society)
    sociedad secreta china