Traducción de triangle en Español:


triángulo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrʌɪaŋɡ(ə)l//ˈtraɪˌæŋɡəl/


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    triángulo masculino
    equilateral/right-angled triangle triángulo equilátero/rectángulo
  • 2

    (set square)
    escuadra femenino
    cartabón masculino España
    • Use a triangle to lay out the outline of the label, a vertical center line, and horizontal guidelines for the height of the lettering.
    • Use a triangle to line those up and see that they're at right angles, then draw across them using the grid ruler.
  • 3

    triángulo amoroso masculino
    the eternal triangle el eterno triángulo
    • This, however, can lead to their wives feeling unsupported, creating a schism in the marital relationship - something the three players in the triangle would want to avoid.
    • Through rhythmic, rhymed language, both groups express the frustrations and joys of love: falling in love, heartbreak, jealousy, love triangles.
    • And nothing is quite so potent an activator of consciousness as a relationship triangle.
    • It was more of a straightforward kung fu movie, featuring a love triangle, a couple of betrayals, and a revenge plot.
    • In a triangle, the three relationships are interdependent; they are not three separate person-to-person dyads.
    • Poor Gabby was stuck in the middle of a love triangle with two emotionally unstable men.
    • When my character fell for one of the farmers and got involved in a love triangle, it was all very scandalous.
    • It's a lush, romantic epic about lovers in a fatal emotional triangle, set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War.
    • In fact, everyone involved in the romantic triangle is noble.
    • It involves a love triangle between a physically handicapped woman, her sister, and a male prostitute.
    • The third person in the triangle is receiving affection and intimacy that rightfully belongs to the spouse.
    • My pose was slightly more complicated because of my character's complex relationship triangle.
    • A theatre critic's secretary is caught up in a love triangle involving the stars of a production of Othello after she is persuaded to alter a review to make it more favourable.
    • Another war movie cliché is the love triangle, involving a conveniently-placed nurse.
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    triángulo masculino
    • Towards the end of the show, Lieberman hands out percussion instruments - triangles, chimes, shakers - and has no trouble finding volunteers to take the instruments.
    • A triangle chimes in the background; it's all very bittersweet.
    • Traditionally, Seychellois performed their music on drums, violins, accordions, and the triangle.
    • It was the first time I ever heard a recorded triangle that didn't sound false.
    • Chapter Two demonstrates ways props, such as drums, sticks, triangles, balls, a trampoline, hoops, bells and scarves, can be used to intensify rhythmic feeling.
    • We were given drums, triangles, maracas and tambourines to experiment with.
    • We decided to make a percussion supergroup with me on the triangle, but after a couple of minutes and ringing ears we realised that this wasn't the best thing to do for our sanity.
    • As she lay trembling slightly for a long moment, not daring to breathe, she became aware of a faint humming, like the sound that a triangle makes after you strike it.
    • She lifted the chunky Celtic cross which perpetually weighed her neck down and flicked it with a finger as if it was a musical triangle to show it was made of pure, die cast metal.
    • He started to tap it, making a small ting, much like the sound of a musical triangle.
    • We hear the cellist playing cymbal and mark tree and the violinist playing triangle and drum.
    • The school's year four and five class got to work with drums, xylophones and triangles.
    • The children moved on to the Salvation Army Sunday School, where she learnt to play the triangle and cymbals.
    • There are grunts, an accompanying triangle, and even something like be-bop drums.
    • The triangle for once doesn't play as if afraid it will never be heard from again, while the piccolo stands out for its cleanliness of tone and brilliance.
    • A gong, cymbals, a triangle, and a timpani, as well as the pentatonic scale, create a sense of the Far East.