Traducción de tribute en Español:


homenaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrɪbjut//ˈtrɪbjuːt/


  • 1

    homenaje masculino
    tributo masculino América Latina
    as a tribute to … como homenaje a …
    • a moving tribute un emotivo homenaje
    • tribute to sb/sth homenaje a algn/algo
    • the movie is a tribute to the courage of these men la película rinde homenaje a la valentía de estos hombres
    • to pay tribute to sb/sth rendir homenaje a algn/algo
    • Many people made the long journey from Donegal to pay their respects and tributes.
    • Large crowds were present both days to pay their final tributes and respects to Mick O'Brien.
    • He invited those present to examine themselves as the best way to pay tribute to McBurnie.
    • Many travelled long distances to join in the tributes and pay their respects.
    • Outside on the verge bordering The Mall bouquets and tributes from the public were laid out - many from children.
    • The visits are not intended to pay tribute to the war criminals, he said.
    • A guard of honour was formed by friends and neighbours as a special tribute and mark of respect.
    • She said she was genuinely surprised by the size of the turnout, the presentation and the tributes to her.
    • All the plaudits, all the tributes, will be thoroughly deserved and she will be an extremely hard act to follow.
    • Replying, John thanked all for the good wishes, the tributes and the gifts.
    • Mr Noone said he was delighted to be present to pay tribute to an outstanding teacher and principal.
    • The death of Robin Cook occurred too late last Saturday for me to pay tribute to him, a situation I intend to rectify just now.
    • Chicago's most important people were present to pay tribute to Maureen and wish her well on her birthday.
    • The conference will pay tribute to Wallenberg and present the latest findings in the ongoing search for the truth.
    • Manager Eddie Gray will pay tribute to Charles while a video screen will show footage of the man in action.
    • United fans have paid their respects to Davis with tributes outside the ground.
    • It also helps them pay tribute to the deceased with musical, video, and multimedia presentations.
    • The celebration concluded with musical tributes by Frances McAndrew and Frank Doyle.
    • He went on to pay tribute to his uncle, Joe Dunne, who was present at the gathering.
    • Senator Lott's remarks were intended to pay tribute to a remarkable man who led a remarkable life.
  • 2

    tributo masculino
    • Aztec musicians enjoyed high social prestige and exemption from tribute payments.
    • Provinces won in war could later be milked of tribute to enrich the Roman state and its rulers and to buy off any risk of discontent at home.
    • In the north and west where towns and markets were few, plunder and tribute remained central to the circulation of wealth.
    • It was a hallmark of free populations not to pay tribute, fees or taxes of this sort.
    • The rulers of Champassak and Luang Prabang remained in control but had to pay periodical tribute to Bangkok.