Traducción de trick en Español:


trampa, n.

Pronunciación /trɪk//trɪk/


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    • 1.1(ruse)

      trampa femenino
      ardid masculino
      it was a trick to get him to confess fue una trampa / un ardid para que confesara
      • they played a dirty trick on him le jugaron una mala pasada
      • it's just a trick of the light es la luz que engaña
      • before noun trick photograph fotografía trucada
      • trick photography trucaje
      • a trick question una pregunta con trampa
      • Cynics might say that hiring a young man with a name made for headline writers, who also happens to be English, was a cunning marketing trick and has very little to do with motor racing.
      • Few were deceived, but it does not prevent the same trick being used again and again.
      • They just could not understand how anyone would be deceived by the trick.
      • But this move is a trick; it contradicts the conditions of the problem as posed.
      • The chancellor, claiming they would mean £50 billion of spending cuts, appears to be up to his old double-counting tricks.
      • It aims to expose scams, reveal tricks, soothe anxieties, and ease the passage of the novice into cyberworld.
      • Ministerial tricks and power ploys are, therefore, familiar ground.
      • But this is simply a cunning trick to make you forget that you're over-paying for this protection!
      • I don't want to hear about your mind games or your manipulative tricks anymore.
      • They both seem eager to give the impression they don't require any tricks or subterfuge to advance.
      • What (if anything at all) do tricks, hoaxes, and games have to do with your work?
      • Set aside the usual circus ring tricks of political chicanery.
      • Its surprisingly short length is a cunning trick, since this tantalizing opening leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to hear a few more snippets.
      • So many tricks and scams hidden in various aspects of our lives today were almost unheard of just a few decades ago.
      • I just had moved past those tricks and I preferred not to do them anymore.
      • But apart from bluffs, tricks, and mayhem, the coming year may be a boon for babies.
      • It is only because of his cunning tricks that my mother agreed to help him.
      • Instead, many companies are burying higher charges through various tricks and ploys, which is why consumers need to be all the more vigilant.
      • Irham said that candidates were found to have used various tricks to deceive the poll commission in their registration documents.
      • He may try the same trick of creating targets, but the point to note is that at least he is taking these challenges seriously.

    • 1.2(prank, joke)

      broma femenino
      jugarreta femenino
      to play a trick on sb hacerle / gastarle una broma a algn
      • how's tricks? ¿qué tal?
      • Jinx liked that, because there was something reassuring in the countless little cantrips and tricks, so unlike anything he had known.
      • After tricks after jokes, after everything Jon has done, I have never been so scared by one of them, as I was by this one.
      • He would sneak around at night and set up jokes and tricks and then laugh at the staff members who got caught in them.
      • When Alicia would pull on it, the vent would be so loud, Alicia thought Jamaal was playing tricks - pretending she wasn't there.
      • He flits and flies all over the camp, scampers and gambols, plays little mischievous tricks on everyone.
      • In the majority of Western cultures, tricks and jokes are played on the bride and groom separately at small parties held prior to the big day.
      • Jay knew she wasn't invited, and this was all a big joke… a trick!
      • All Shakespeare's fairies are associated with jokes, tricks, and disguise; all are linked with the countryside and country life.
      • They're the mischievous little imps that play tricks on us all the time.
      • When most people think of April Fool's Day, tricks, pranks or even bad jokes come to mind.
      • It might be love if only they can stop playing nasty practical tricks on each other.
      • Over the years, he has taken hold of his practical joke side to bombard me with as many tricks as humanly possible.

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    (feat, skilful act)
    truco masculino
    to do card tricks hacer trucos con las cartas
    • I've taught my dog to do tricks le he enseñado al perro a hacer gracias
    • the trick is to add the oil slowly el truco / el secreto está en añadir el aceite poco a poco
    • But eventually, the endless procession of gravity-defying tricks and wild stunts feels like skater porn.
    • These are, after all, his own tricks in the game.
    • The fun ebbed from his game, and the tricks looked tired.
    • They introduced him to the village; he played his gramophone, performed conjuring tricks, put on puppet shows, and talked about justice for the peasants.
    • He did tricks and fancy moves with his sword as he danced around the clearing with lightning speed.
    • Plummy amused the whole school, over 220 pupils, with tricks and jokes while Ivan performed his unsupported ladder act, which included juggling.
    • The most effective move known to womankind involves stimulating three erogenous zones with one cunning hand trick.
    • I know all the tricks, the dodges, the right queues to be in, a handy way of always getting into the fast lane for security.
    • We also pride ourselves not only on the ability to do the pen trick (honed through three years of practice), but also a world renowned cow impression.
    • Rather, the trick is to pretend to be abnormal yourself, since any ordinary person would be completely star-struck.
    • The revised bylaw allows skaters to get around safely and practice their tricks without facing fines.
    • But even fewer could say they were entertained by their own dad performing magic tricks.
    • A magician might deceive you but at least you know it's a trick.
    • Hannes Kaufmann, will be the master of ceremonies, and is already practicing and rehearsing jokes and tricks for the evening.
    • So our concern is not to answer the relativist by some cunning intellectual or metaphysical trick.
    • The questions, both silly and taxing, were demonstrated using party tricks and wheezes, then explained scientifically to lend the programme an educational edge.
    • Pretty soon, she had learnt all the tricks of the game along with the jargon!
    • You can't reveal their hidden microphones or mimic their tricks with sleight of hand.
    • He says the key is keeping tension on the string and progressing from basic tricks to more complicated manoeuvres.
    • First, I note that many readers thought that some intended camera trick had brought about these strange smears and trails.
    • The party mood spilled into the game with French tricks and flicks on show for a frenzied audience.
    • I would not be allowed to watch him and Aiken perform little magic tricks for my amusement.
    • With a few cunning camera tricks and makeup, he literally becomes a paralyzed man, both of body and of heart.
    • The plot moves chronologically with no tricks of time or setting.
    • He would also practice little tricks here & there trying to get them down like what he saw on stage.
    • She also performed a few magic tricks to enthral the students.
    • Requests new to the circle brought about plenty of laughs, with the rope trick, songs and jokes.
    • The choir was practising its polyphony and we had Neville practising his magical tricks; he got them wrong again, but they didn't think it was the least bit funny.
    • There is a very cunning trick to the site, but it took me some time to spot what it was.
    • Interesting things take place when you perform conjuring tricks for people.
    • In the same way I used to practice my magic tricks, I practiced pretexting.
    • And when your enthusiasm for walking wanes, try these six tricks to keep moving on the fitness path.
    • We watched a group of skater boys practicing their tricks on various walls and steps.
    • The trick to the game is that the ‘magic code’ uses the same symbol for every number that is a multiple of 9.
    • Understanding how your audience thinks is the key to a great response to a trick, not the sleight of hand, he says.
    • Jake uses steps, walls and railings in areas of West Swindon to practise his tricks.
    • Some of the world's top winter sport competitors dazzled Manchester crowds with a daring array of stunts and tricks.
    • A Western team filmed him with infrared cameras and, of course, were able to show that he was performing a conjuring trick.
    • Any magician will tell you that misdirection is the first principle of sleight-of-hand tricks.
    • Before long they were also performing tricks to entertain spectators at half-time.
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    to have a trick of -ing
    • he has a trick of turning up when we're about to eat tiene la costumbre de aparecerse cuando estamos por comer
    • the generator has a trick of cutting out every half hour al generador le da por apagarse cada media hora
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    (in card games)
    baza femenino
    to take/win a trick hacerse/ganar una baza
    • If all players discard their final card on the same trick, no points are awarded.
    • The winner of the trick is the last person who played a card of the same rank as the original lead or a wild card.
    • The basic object of the game is to take more than half of these card points in tricks.
    • A new card is dealt to each player immediately after they play a card to the trick.
    • Next, the players play to tricks, with the winner of each trick replacing their card with their choice of one of two exposed cards and the loser receiving the other card.
    • You may ask to look at the cards played to a trick by the other players as long as your own card is face up.
    • The winner of the trick is determined according to the rules set out below for each type of lead.
    • If the sheet is played, it neutralises every card in the trick save the one played just before it.
    • Alternatively, if the players trust each other they can simply play to tricks in the usual manner and make a mental note of whether they were truthful during the bidding.
    • If the very last trick has no winner its cards go to the winner of the previous trick.
    • The card used for the trick may be chosen from either the concealed hand or from the showcase.
    • When a trick is won, choose a card in that trick that is of the same suit of the card that led the trick, and put it face up.
    • When it is your turn to play to the trick, a card of your suit must be played.
    • The winner scores the point value of the two cards in the trick, as per the table above.
    • The cards have point values and the object is to take tricks containing valuable cards.
    • When all the cards have been played each player counts the value of the cards in their tricks.
    • It will always exist, from people turning tricks for a few quid, to thousand pound a night ‘escorts’ and everything in between.
    • Also, the card led cannot be higher in rank than the winning card of the previous trick.
    • These constraints do not apply when a blooper is played other than as the first card of a trick.
    • The center cards are given to the first player capturing a trick with a heart or with the queen of spades.

verbo transitivo

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    he tricked us! ¡nos ha engañado!
    • to trick sb into-ing engañar a algn para que + subj
    • to trick sb out of sth birlarle algo a algn
    • I was tricked out of my inheritance me birlaron la herencia


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    (cigar/spider) de juguete
    (spider/cigar) de mentira
    (cigar/spider) de pega España coloquial
    • After all these years it still sounds like a trick question.
    • It was only as I was slowly talking my way through the question that I realised it was a trick question.
    • Individuals with minor knee pain, clicking, giving way or a "trick knee" usually are experiencing the earliest symptoms of arthritis.
    • Twisting stresses can damage or tear the meniscus, which can cause mechanical symptoms like painful clicking or swelling, the symptoms of a "trick knee".
    • I don't know what trick question those 30 percent of respondents were asked, but the answer they are said to have given is balderdash.
    • It is not an optical illusion or trick photography.
    • The answer is normally a halting yes as the voter tries to work out if it is a trick question.
    • Let's say you vote for a trick play that ends with a player suffering a serious knee injury.
    • I assumed he had been rifling through my wallet, and that he was now asking me trick questions.
    • Now for those of you who have been lucky enough to have escaped this ordeal, let me tell you that this is a trick question.
    • I knew she was asking me a trick question, so I went for it.
    • I mean the questions had almost trick answers, you know what I mean, and they were just what I liked doing.
    • They're true or false, all right, and they're all trick questions.
    • More than once he'd predicted a storm, rain or otherwise, because his trick knee was acting up or another kind of disaster because his elbows were aching.
    • You don't like to ignore her because that would be rude and, after all, it's not exactly a trick question.
    • So I tried my next question, which was something of a trick question as I knew the answer.
    • I had to quietly excuse myself from a Vinyasa class with mutterings of trick knee.
    • Do you understand that I will not ask any trick questions on this test?
    • For some reason, I'm a sucker for trick questions.
    • Or there's some serious trick photography going on.
    • This one will be less ambiguous, and I'll stay away from cryptic clues and trick questions.
    • The second question is a trick question, so I won't answer it.
    • Despite the trick photography involved, it still calls for some nifty footwork and Niall rises to the occasion.
    • I'm not sure sure whether this counts as a trick question.
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