Traducción de trickery en Español:


artimañas, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrɪk(ə)ri//ˈtrɪk(ə)ri/


  • 1

    artimañas femenino
    to get sth by trickery conseguir algo con artimañas
    • it was a blatant piece of trickery fue un truco descarado
    • This show is the story of his short career in confidence trickery.
    • A repeat of his old trickery will ignite calls for fighting to start
    • Negatively this card represents trickery or deception and is a warning to be careful of whom you place your trust in.
    • Sceptics have suggested that there must be some trickery involved.
    • But there was an element of delusion, mild trickery even, about this process.
    • Hermes is god of communication, deceit, language, trickery, and magic.
    • There's a great deal more here than just visual trickery though.
    • Similar trickery explains why the Government wants to criminalise the wearing of face paint or silly masks on demonstrations.
    • There is no music, no colour, no trickery: only an actress, a bare stage and light.
    • There is so much deceit and trickery about this mob that it needs to be categorised.
    • If it was called magic we would have expected some trickery and sleight of hand.
    • There is a lot of trickery going on in the carnival, as Ben quickly discovers.
    • The man was marvellous, nonchalantly building to crescendos with the fine-tuned trickery of an old master.
    • Yet I felt no challenge of will; only that some false and subtle trickery had been used.
    • The Olympic Games were never free from professionalism, trickery or violence.
    • But he understands how to expose a defense and has been known to use some trickery.
    • It would be cruel, but a pirate who ever dared such trickery and deceit would ask for no better.
    • But this material is so swamped in trickery and knavery that its inclusion becomes worthless.
    • The deception and trickery used for gain in America is not left out in this book.
    • Art or artifice is also used to describe cunning and trickery.