Traducción de triennial en Español:


trienal, adj.

Pronunciación /trʌɪˈɛnɪəl//traɪˈɛniəl/



  • 1

    (lasting three years)
    (agreement) trienal
    • In particular, I am referring to what may be called a ‘time bomb’: the triennial fee maxima of $3,900 each year for arts students, and above that for other students.
    • Academy chairman, David Parkinson was delighted to receive the cheque and hear of the move to triennial funding.
    • Now one of your other policies is to increase the triennial funding of the corporation.
    • The Commission has granted the project triennial funding for their base operation on three nights - Thursday to Saturday.
    • In 1943, Goldman responded to inquiries by Rabbi David Goldstein, then of Omaha, regarding the use of the triennial cycle for Torah readings at Anshe Emet.
    • Officials report that the main contributing factors to the decrease in projected long-term debt levels were the policy changes introduced in the Budgets of 2002 and 2003, especially the triennial fee/course costs maxima policy.
    • He was sent by Temple to William III to convince him of the necessity of triennial parliaments, but his mission was not successful.
    • In early 1925, under O'Neill's guidance, the company finalised a triennial mines agreement with the mining companies - the first of many to come.
  • 2

    (every three years)
    (election/convention) trienal
    • ‘We expect a strong turnout for this triennial event and look forward to hosting exhibitors and attendees from all over the world,’ concludes James.
    • Griswold, 62, was diagnosed with the early stages of prostate cancer in July just after the 2.5-million-member church concluded its triennial General Convention meeting in Denver.
    • Throughout the spring of 1629, Louis and the keeper of the seals Michel de Marillac repeatedly rejected requests by deputies of the provincial Estates to summon the triennial meeting in May.
    • Tom Hart, director of the Episcopal Church's Washington office, said his staff gives a voice in a practical way to positions taken by the church at its triennial General Convention meetings.
    • The triennial revisions of the MSJC Code includes provisions for adhered veneer and prestressed masonry and an expansion of the quality assurance section.
    • There are also triennial exhibitions, held every three years.
    • The triennial review was bad enough, but on the media decision, on which he took such an inflexible position - it's difficult to figure out how you do a repair job on that.
    • An earlier version of this article was presented as a paper by Richard S. Levine at the XXII triennial Congress of the International Union of Architects in Berlin, Germany, July 2002.
    • Spie is one of the sponsors of this triennial meeting, which brings together an international group of attendees who, this year, represented about 40 nations.
    • The end of the Cold War has since left it drifting without a purpose but Malaysia, which will take over as the grouping's chair for the next three years, is determined to make this triennial summit a platform for peace.
    • This prestigious triennial award, which carries a prize sum of $5,00,000, is presented to projects that combine design excellence with the humanistic spirit of Islam.
    • The International Center of Photography in Manhattan has announced the launch of a triennial exhibition of contemporary photography in September 2003, in the center's renovated midtown galleries.
    • The triennial forum, the second of its kind, following the previous meeting in Marrakech, Morocco in 1997, is being attended by some 3,500 water experts, government officials and politicians.
    • The United Malays National Organisation, which has ruled Malaysia since it won independence in 1957, will hold its triennial leadership elections on May 11.
    • Following the Episcopal Church's triennial General Convention in Denver in July, both conservatives and liberals within the 2.5-million-member denomination claimed a partial victory.
    • Last year's edition of the triennial World Congress for Alternatives to Animal Use drew more than 1,000 participants to Berlin and featured hundreds of presentations and talks.
    • In addition to the triennial congress, a number of committees, representing the pluralistic and international scope of comparative literary research, meet annually at different venues around the globe.
    • Before making the PPR continuously available, organizations had received access to the PPR tool 15 months after its last triennial survey and had three months to complete it.
    • This should be a sufficiently rich selection to keep readers busy through the warmer months and even to provide some relief during the triennial meeting of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in July.
    • In September, we will stage our first triennial exhibition of international photography and video.