Traducción de trifle en Español:


nimiedad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtraɪfəl//ˈtrʌɪf(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(trivial thing)

      nimiedad femenino
      don't waste your time on trifles no pierdas el tiempo en nimiedades
      • your problem is a mere trifle compared to mine tu problema no es nada / es una nimiedad comparado con el mío
      • They've already done a medley of titles and we're not going to be bothered with such prosaic trifles, or their authors, tonight.
      • Today's scripted trifles are the most important trivia of his life.
      • Do not think music is very important; regard it as a trifle, an entertainment, a foolish leisure-time activity, or simply something they are not interested in.
      • It has the kind of silliness that makes you turn a blind eye to such trifles as plausibility or emotional truth in musicals from the '30s and '40s.
      • I also recalled my earlier, seeming trifles of research.
      • Good companies prevent their servers from forwarding mail that do not originate from their clients, but more negligent companies do not pay attention to such trifles.
      • One of the reviews in England said my songs were flip and flimsy trifles.
      • It is easy to drug people in such a state with the opium of spurious patriotism and make them offer themselves to the gory gods of war, throwing their lives away like worthless trifles.
      • Presumably the Australian Strategic Policy Institute doesn't take into account such trifles when determining an organisation's credibility.
      • But these are mere trifles when there's oil to be had.
      • ‘When you get older trifles of that kind will not trouble you’, I remarked.
      • ‘However, such rules are regarded by some construction units as fussing over trifles,’ said Zhang Chi, professor from East China University of Politics and Law.
      • It appears that you have finally realized the importance of trifles, but you have not yet learned what to do with them.
      • The opposition Awami League with their poor leadership of Sheikh Hasina is not doing any constructive movement but have been busy with unnecessary trifles and quarrels with government.
      • Husbands complain about domestic trifles or elope with younger mistresses, male colleagues disparage women by making rude remarks about their figure, and the female body, on the whole, is either coveted or rejected.
      • In wartime, heroes come into being in times of crisis; in peacetime, they come into existence by doing trifles in everyday life.
      • At times the whole world seems to be in conspiracy to importune you with emphatic trifles.
      • ‘Just a few trifles,’ he said of the corruption allegations.
      • It had big ideas about many things, but as a result wasted its energy on trifles.
      • Rather than wrestle with these inquiries, Ashcroft simply admitted that he didn't know, stressing instead that there wasn't any time to ruminate on such trifles.

    • 1.2(small amount)

      insignificancia femenino
      it only cost a trifle costó una insignificancia / una bagatela
      • show a trifle more interest! ¡a ver si muestras un poquitín / una pizca más de interés!
      • It seems 100 million won is a trifle as the value system of money is shaken and the social function of money is faltering in the raging Lotto syndrome.
      • Austen's fictional Henry Cecil spends £18000 a year (a rather fabulous sum) from a total capital of less than £900, and so is "able to save but a trifle".
      • The £2.50 or so I try and save is a mere trifle, but I am obsessed by it.
      • It cost me but a trifle.

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    postre de bizcocho, jerez, crema y frutas
    sopa inglesa femenino Río de la Plata
    • There were cold meats of every kind, huge bowls of mixed salads, large desserts, trifles, jellies tarts and mince pies, and also some very interesting looking hors d' oeuvres.
    • I'd probably sprinkle them on top of a trifle if I ate trifles.
    • A course of orange squash, roast chicken dinner, trifle and a cup of tea was prescribed to nurse my hangover.
    • Sherry, brandy, and Marsala add flavour and an alcoholic kick to creamy puddings such as trifle, syllabub, cranachan, brose, tiramisu, zabaglione, and egg nog.
    • Popular desserts were trifle, fruit salad and traditional Christmas pudding, often made wrapped in a cloth and boiled in the copper.
    • My trifle, in particular, was made with conspicuously fresh ingredients, and the attention made it a treat.
    • I'd probably want to follow it with my mother-in-law's trifle or wonderful summer pudding.
    • Jayne and I decided to share a large slice of banoffee pie, which was gorgeous, while Marjorie, a connoisseur of trifles, gave the Lamplight sherry trifle nine marks out of ten.
    • When a ham is roasting in the oven with a bit of sherry poured over it, or a trifle, for goodness' sake, has a bit of sherry in it, is sherry not a cooking condiment?
    • Whether it comes as a traditional bowl of fruit and Jersey cream or a rich trifle, vivid ice cream or cool cheesecake, the combination is an unmissable part of the British summer.