Traducción de trigger en Español:


gatillo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrɪɡər//ˈtrɪɡə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of gun)

      gatillo masculino
      to pull / squeeze the trigger apretar el gatillo
      • to have one's finger on the trigger tener el dedo en el gatillo
      • Now he just had to pull the trigger to launch the missile.
      • He chuckled and pulled the trigger, firing at the targets even though he wasn't in the booths.
      • Don't pull the trigger when the safety is engaged or positioned anywhere between safe and fire.
      • He wrestled his finger free from the trigger and turned to fire again.
      • Colt's answer was a design that prevents the pistol from firing unless the trigger is depressed.
      • The starter nodded, plugged his ear and pulled the trigger on the shotgun.
      • Your finger may straighten with a snap - like a trigger being pulled and released.
      • A trick here is to release the trigger before pulling the gun away to avoid excess caulk oozing out.
      • Taking vigilant aim she pulled the hammer back seized the trigger and fired.
      • The teacher sighed and quickly pulled the trigger of the shotgun as an explosive noise ran to all directions.
      • The pan cover either slid open automatically upon the trigger being pulled or had to be slid open manually first.
      • Bullets impacted the floor around me as I pulled the trigger and fired back.
      • As he moved to pull the trigger I caught a flash of movement behind him.
      • When released by the gun's mechanical triggers, the coil spring strikers trip a rocker that impacts the firing pin.
      • Many handbow archers use sights, and latches with triggers called mechanical releases.
      • Before you pull the trigger, be absolutely sure of your target and what's behind it.
      • Press the trigger to fire, and the missile is on its way, its own IR seeker taking over.
      • There is a manual trigger block safety catch located on the left/rear of the frame.
      • As you said, it's perhaps a trigger for a nuclear device and for a dirty bomb as well.
      • Both eyes wide open I fumbled for the trigger and fired off three shots.

    • 1.2(of camera, machine)

      disparador masculino

  • 2

    detonante masculino
    trigger for sth detonante de algo
    • it can be a trigger for an asthmatic reaction puede provocar reacciones asmáticas
    • Your child's triggers will determine what steps you need to take to prevent asthma flare-ups where you're staying.
    • Elements such as the circle also contain their own event triggers to tie scripts to the elements.
    • Other triggers include bright lights, stressful situations, and other illnesses such as a cold or stomach bug.
    • If certain events are identified as triggers, it may be easier to deal with the stress of them.
    • Repeatedly low readings in a certain situation may indicate the trigger.
    • Imagining the ridiculous trigger for the situation, Mallory shook her head in bewilderment.
    • There is still much speculation concerning initiating triggers.
    • If you know exactly what sets you off, you can be mindful of it and remind yourself of the best ways to react in a trigger situation.
    • The event acts as a trigger or catalyst, which catapults them into an awareness of this phenomena.
    • Plus, there aren't any triggers or events in the scenarios, and so the only thing that makes them play differently is the map they take place on, but the maps are a joke.
    • Event triggers and in-game cinematics will then guide you although you will determine how a mission will be accomplished.
    • There is a great deal of debate surrounding the causes or triggers of trichotillomania, complicated by its heterogeneity.
    • The answers to these questions will help you identify some of the reasons for the decision you made, to help you identify triggers, or situations that may be difficult for you.
    • The election was probably the trigger for the latest wave of terror attacks.
    • Anger triggers are situations in which expectations of fair play are violated.
    • It has also codified a number of issues such as retrenchment and dismissal which were previously major strike triggers.
    • Environmental situations, some chemicals and foods, and a host of other situations are patient-specific triggers.
    • This was intended to be a constructive process, not a trigger for criticism, blame, or ill considered actions.
    • People search endlessly for a psychological trigger, for a cause, but it can be unhelpful because often there isn't one.
    • All these triggers may also cause a relapse in a patient recovering from ME.

verbo transitivo

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    (reaction/response) provocar
    (revolt) desencadenar
    (revolt) hacer estallar
    • Similarly, real downstream demand, not forecasts, triggers production and procurement processes.
    • She never had heartburn and did not recall triggering events or abnormalities prior to the onset of her symptoms.
    • What specific work of the law triggered this situation is not entirely clear.
    • With the prospect of the tragedy triggering a global recession companies lined up in droves to issue profits warnings and swing the axe.
    • Remember, you have to talk to every single one in order to trigger the event.
    • The further out on the spectrum of this array, the longer a sequence of events is triggered.
    • Here again, the emblem suggests a chain of catastrophic, unspeakable events triggered by irresistible emotions.
    • Pinch wounding disrupts the epidermis but not the overlying cuticle and triggers only the events shown in black.
    • With the Internet, an explosion in the demand for home computers was triggered.
    • The exact cause of psoriasis is not known but it is understood that stress can trigger an outbreak.
    • That picture triggered a national scandal, not to mention an emotional shock wave that threw his life off course.
    • In many parts of the basin, snow stays on the ground for over half the year, and snowmelt usually triggers major high-flow events.
    • What triggers off this process is not fully understood.
    • The leaf is modified to form two moving lobes that will close on prey when the trap is triggered via touch-sensitive trichomes.
    • In my experience it takes much more than one solar arc progression to trigger events in a natal chart.
    • In her opinion, instability in relationships and separations are not triggering events.
    • Very often a death in the family or the breakdown of a marriage triggers the violent outbursts and the dramatic changes in personality.
    • You can reduce the itching, inflammation, and scaling of psoriasis by reducing stress; high stress often triggers outbreaks.
    • Observers in Ecuador saw the message as a strong hint that triggered the following events.
    • Time is inconsequential here and events are triggered by elements of nature.