Traducción de trio en Español:


trío, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrioʊ//ˈtriːəʊ/


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    (ensemble, piece)
    trío masculino
    • He believes that you increase your understanding by playing in small ensembles - three, four or five people in trios, quartets and quintets.
    • As a child, you were already playing in a family chamber music trio.
    • Angus can perform with as few as a trio of fellow musicians.
    • He is joined by a trio of musicians who have a progressive vision of what jazz ought to be.
    • Though the small room was jam-packed that evening, it proved to be a very intimate setting for a jazz trio concert.
    • He has played at Jazz festivals across Europe and the USA and in various Jazz quartets and trios and as a member of the Dutch Jazz Orchestra.
    • Visitors can be entranced by the different sounds of a trio, quartet or quintet.
    • Wind trios for such combinations as flute, clarinet, and bassoon have been written by a number of composers, as have brass trios for trumpet, horn, and trombone or other combinations.
    • Though she has gigged with a jazz quartet, a jazz trio, and as the lead voice for a funk / R & B band, she's now focusing on her own thing.
    • The trio perform jazz favourites from Dixieland to ragtime, boogie woogie and swing.
    • The host school itself has six groups taking part a brass band, brass ensemble, junior brass trio and brass quintet, as well as a wind band and a clarinet choir.
    • The musicians from the Laureate trio staged a virtuoso performance at a concert marking the launching of their new album on Monday.
    • If you enjoy a little more excitement, successful duos, trios and other small ensembles with mixed instrumentation can begin at a surprisingly early age.
    • A jazz trio will play and there will be a magician and circus performer.
    • The trio performed its first concert as part of the Arts Week.
    • Composed in 1797 to 1798, this is the work of a young Beethoven who, after moving on to the string quartet genre after the three trios of op. 9, never wrote another string trio.
    • We learn, for instance, how his wife played a crucial role in the composition of the sublime trio at the end of Der Rosenkavalier.
    • He had formed a violin trio with his two brothers after giving up a career in medicine for music.
    • Over the years, he has led big bands and played with trios, quartets, and other types of groups as well as playing solo.
    • This trio was composed the same summer as the B Minor quintet Op 115.
    • By the park entrance, a trio of young musicians performed unamplified bluegrass tunes.
    • The beautiful sense of orchestral chamber music the trio brought to the Largo was memorable.
    • The three sing a wondrous trio where Claire supports the voices with some strikingly dark instrumental timbres.
    • The concert opened with the trio performing Mozart's A Spring Rondo, which set the tone for the evening.
    • She sings with jazz duos and trios around Yorkshire as well as organising European tours for local jazz bands.
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    trío masculino
    • But the York trio picked up three shots to level the scores and gain a valuable point.
    • The withdrawal of the Godolphin trio will hit the number of overseas horses competing.
    • However, it was the photo opportunity in a gondola that proved to be a huge success and dozens of people lined up in couples, trios and large groups for a chance to capture the moment on film.
    • The trio went through the exercise a couple more times.
    • The pedestal pieces that were presented in pairs or trios in the gallery's main room have sensory gerund titles: Listening, Watching, Breathing.
    • Working in pairs or trios, students identified examples of these repetition strategies in the speeches they read.
    • The varied groupings of pairs, trios, and sixes massing together and flying apart proved timeless, however.
    • At both venues he backed artists of worldwide fame and made a number of radio and television broadcasts with his trio.
    • We meet a trio of Irish-American brothers who return to the homeland to teach Catholic and Protestant kids how to surf together.
    • The Sunday paper was shared, they walked along the ocean from time to time in pairs, trios and sometimes the whole group.
    • The trio, including a pair dressed as Batman and Robin, were brought down from the roof at 7.10 am after protesting for 40 minutes.
    • Individuals may be found in pairs, trios, or male-dominated harems depending on the species.
    • Heart valves are pairs or trios of flaps that keep the blood flowing in one direction through the heart.
    • Giant frogfish occur singly, in pairs, or in trios.
    • These works, paintings of a sort, may consist of single rectangles, a pair or a trio.
    • The trio enjoyed a pair of movies, one comedy and one drama, and overall, Avery thought the evening had gone well.
    • He said that after getting a lift out to the bar with his brother at around 3.40p.m., the trio watched the match and had around three drinks each.
    • Climbers pile up as harnesses and shoes and ropes come out, helmets are donned, groups splinter into pairs and trios, and the conga line slowly inches up the mountain.
    • Working with six to 12 year olds the trio led activities in German and went on a number of excursions.
    • There are many trios of numbers that you can use as x, y, and z here.