Traducción de tripartite en Español:


tripartito, adj.

Pronunciación /traɪˈpɑrˌtaɪt//trʌɪˈpɑːtʌɪt/



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    (talks/treaty) tripartito
    (division) en tres partes
    • It appears that people think aspiring candidates who top the list of the three selected for further scrutiny are automatic candidates in the forthcoming tripartite elections.
    • The king made the statement just two days before tripartite talks by the parties.
    • However, serious disagreements among the parties soon developed, and the tripartite federation failed to materialize.
    • It also reminds us that, no matter how we attempt to preserve it, faith is essentially invisible and this multi-layered meaning is carried through in the principal element of this tripartite work.
    • These can be made available for tripartite joint ventures on the lines described, with smallholders organised around larger corporate or cooperative mother units.
    • The two parties are part of the tripartite coalition Cabinet, together with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, but failed to come up with a joint candidate for the first round of the elections.
    • The tripartite coalition Cabinet ended its first 100 days in office facing a tide of criticism of its social and economic policies, and a series of question marks loom over the road ahead.
    • The tripartite agreement between Carmarthenshire County Council, the National Assembly and the Millennium Commission will now be presented to the attraction's board of trustees.
    • A successful education system is one that is based on a tripartite alliance - teachers, parents and scholars - all working together to make education a success.
    • In my view that must depend upon the arrangements reached between the parties in this tripartite scheme and the commercial realities of the situation.
    • These gentlemen certainly developed our tripartite system of government, but it was hardly an easy task or a harmonious process.
    • Agriculture has taken a centre stage in this year's tripartite elections with the Government already intensifying the delivery of inputs into the hinterland.
    • The tripartite coalition in power got 78 seats out of 121 while needing to win only 63 seats to hold the control of the upper house.
    • Legislative changes should be the outcome of tripartite recognition and debate rather than the imposition of one parties views on the other.
    • She noted that there would be a tripartite meeting with the British Government by the end of September and hopes that the issues at hand concerning integration will be addressed.
    • With the delay of the two ministerial decrees, a tripartite forum comprising employers, trade unions and government representatives will deliberate the issue next month.
    • In this year's tripartite elections, we as nation must ensure that people and issues that affect their livelihood should be at the centre of the campaigns.
    • After the widely hailed tripartite elections of September 28, the country now needs to move forward.
    • The council of the tripartite ruling coalition decided that the pullout should happen according to schedule.
    • Frequently these tribunals were tripartite, one member appointed by each party to the dispute and the third pursuant to a stated procedure.