Traducción de tripod en Español:


trípode, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrʌɪpɒd//ˈtraɪpɑd/


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    trípode masculino
    • Please bring your cameras, tripods, flash guns and some items that reflect the seasonality of the theme for what promises to be an interesting evening's photography.
    • A camera on tripod stood ready to document the reconstructed scene.
    • The technique works best if you keep the camera mounted on a tripod so each successive exposure is level with the others.
    • We passed a sidewalk photographer using a big black box camera on a tripod, his head covered with a black curtain.
    • Use a tripod to steady the camera, and make long exposures so you can use small apertures for maximum depth of field.
    • The bottom piece was essential if I wanted to be able to use the camera with a tripod.
    • Chad gently set the camera atop the tripod and hooked the wires up one at a time, carefully connecting the correct colors together.
    • So, I headed back to the house for my tripod, camera and zoom lens.
    • Then they assembled their picture-taking equipment, a digital camera and a tripod (so that there would be no shaky hand-held shots).
    • Picture the first 19 th-century photographers, perched behind unwieldy wooden cameras atop tripods, their subjects sitting stiffly without motion.
    • You must have the head of the tripod loose enough so that you can follow the tracer through your viewfinder, but not so loose that the camera has no support from the tripod head.
    • For the night shots, have your camera on a tripod.
    • His laptop glows in front of him, dimly lighting a video camera perched atop its tripod.
    • Apart from different photographic equipment like cameras, tripods and camera bags, a select range of photographs too is on exhibit.
    • If you can, use a tripod or other camera support to achieve sharpness, pack filters for a gloomy day and experiment.
    • If you can turn the flash off, do so and put the camera on the tripod.
    • If the buildings are artistically lit, night shots can produce dramatic results, but bring a tripod to keep the camera steady during long exposures.
    • He pauses at a boundary, then sets up his old-fashioned camera on its tripod, focuses and sets the exposure, and then waits.
    • Another great visual effect is to put the camera on the tripod and use a zoom lens.
    • I almost never leave the camera on the tripod while I walk from one location to another due to fear of having the camera fall off.
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    trípode masculino