Traducción de tripwire en Español:


cable trampa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrɪpˌwaɪ(ə)r//ˈtrɪpwʌɪə/


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    cable trampa masculino
    • The wide area antipersonnel mine was a flanged metal sphere with tripwires spread by springs.
    • He quickly made his way through the corridors, following that odd mark and keeping an eye out for tripwires, odd stones, and trap doors.
    • Blast mines are laid on or below the soil surface and explode when trodden on, while fragmentation mines are usually set off by tripwires and spray metal fragments over a wide area.
    • Trip flares, attached to low pickets, can be placed around a position or in an ambush site, and may either be fired when an enemy touches a tripwire or initiated by the defender or ambusher.
    • The antipersonnel mines are activated by tripwires that will explode by the presence of a civilian or combatant.
    • He crouched down and brushed some leaves aside to reveal a small tripwire stretched between two trees.
    • He fixed up a few more things, and the bottles stood on the ground, tightly strung with a tripwire between them.
    • She's devising a plan to lay a trap for them with tripwires and a lot of tin foil - apparently they like shiny things - but she doesn't have high hopes.
    • The first mines were employed in the American Civil War when Confederate forces linked tripwires to musket trigger mechanisms to fire black powder and shrapnel charges with percussion caps.
    • Then attach a tripwire to the dead animal with the other end attached to a loaded shotgun.
    • There were no guards, no alarms, no more tripwires after those we had evaded.
    • He was a genius at creating special booby traps and tripwires, all sorts of custom-made devices designed to inflict maximum pain and damage.
    • The end result is you can trigger an alarm - hitting a tripwire, getting caught on camera, scaring guards - and then sprint to a deactivation panel before it's too late and then go on about your business.
    • There is a problem, though, when a single event is considered the tripwire that brings God's judgment.
    • Government cutbacks and legal tripwires have conspired to see the town park overgrown and uncared for.
    • The mine is a ground blast fragmentation mine activated by disturbing one of four tripwires.
    • The clash of contemporary ugliness with ancient beauty is a tripwire I often stumble on.
    • After a couple of steps, I saw a second tripwire.
    • This provides an automatic detection, or tripwire, feature within the system.
    • Later in the game, the mercenaries start deploying Claymore mines, which are triggered by tripwire.