Traducción de trochaic en Español:


trocaico, adj.

Pronunciación /troʊˈkeɪɪk//trə(ʊ)ˈkeɪɪk/


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    • But if you listen at the line carefully, it's a line of regular trochaic pentameter.
    • Calendars begins with the cadenced trochaic tetrameter rhythms of ‘Landing Under Water, I See Roots’.
    • The first line's primarily iambic structure separates it from the second, fourth and fifth lines trochaic feet.
    • The only notable exceptions are the trochaic tetrameters of ‘The Phoenix and Turtle’ and the iambic tetrameters of Sonnet 145.
    • The auditory ease of the merry mockeries of maidens is abruptly undermined by the trochaic retarding of the ‘sharp voices’ insisting on ‘maiden labour.’