Traducción de troglodyte en Español:


troglodita, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtrɑɡləˌdaɪt//ˈtrɒɡlədʌɪt/


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    troglodita femenino
    • The troglodyte site of Barry was continuously occupied for thousands of years.
    • Some may be prehistoric in origin, but most are more recent, some being occupied as houses until the 1950s - apparently the last troglodyte dwellings in this country.
    • He describes the troglodytes as living a communal life, even through the caves were divided into separate units of habitation for individual families.
    • The first troglodytes to cross the valley or climb the mountain ventured forth from the family cave not because they wanted to make a scientific discovery but because something unknown lay beyond the horizon.