Traducción de trope en Español:


tropo, n.

Pronunciación /trəʊp//troʊp/


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    tropo masculino
    • The scrolls and the codex of the two novels are maps for the reader in linking the tropes, metaphors, and themes of each novel in a non-linear coherence.
    • And, among these resources, the ‘colors’ of rhetorical tropes figure prominently, as the lavish profusion of colors which marks the first half of the text suggests.
    • No longer will one or two tropes or metaphors serve to characterize the poetic work done by women.
    • From this perspective, it's not that there is no distinction between literal and figurative but rather that tropes and figures are fundamental structures of language, not exceptions and distortions.
    • Putting metaphor and other tropes in a rather remote place, he propounded another aspect of figurative language as absolutely essential to the sublime.